Rig operation 20 notes

Oct. 31, 2019

The following matters should be noted in the operation of the rig:

(1) The water well drilling rig can be started only after the power machine is running normally. The clutch should be smooth and must not be impacted. It must be light, even and smooth.

(2) When shifting the gearbox or the transfer case handle, the clutch must be disengaged first, and the drive shift must be strictly prohibited. After the gear speed is slowed down, the gear can be shifted to avoid damage to the gear.

(3) The gear shifting of each shifting gear should be completely covered to prevent the automatic sliding gear from damaging the gear.

(4) Check the running parts during operation. For example, the temperature of bearings and gear boxes should not exceed 60 °C. If overheating, stop the machine.

(5) If the clutch is found to be hot or slippery, stop the inspection and adjust the clearance of the clutch friction plate. The gap adjustment should be appropriate.

(6) Before starting the hydraulic drill rig, the drilling tool should be lifted off the bottom of the hole, and then the clutch should be closed. After the drilling machine is running normally, the drilling is carried out.

(7) When using the lift, it is forbidden to press the left and right handles at the same time, or at the same time, the handlebars are tightly coupled with the foot brakes; the winch should not be overloaded.

(8) Before drilling the new drilling rig or drilling rig with long stopping time, the rig should be operated at 2 speeds for at least 20 minutes. After the gears and bearings are splashed with lubricating oil, normal drilling can be carried out.

(9) Before driving, the drilling machine locking device should be locked to open the drill to prevent the machine from retreating due to vibration.

(10) The tachometer cannot be reversed. If the gyrator needs to be reversed, the tachometer flexible shaft should be removed to avoid damage to the tachometer.

(11) During the drilling and lifting process, the rig shall not be moved to move the handle.

(12) If abnormal noise occurs during the operation of the DTH drill rig, stop the machine to find out the cause and eliminate it.

(13) In the case of automatic brake braking, the operator must not leave and apply the pawl if necessary to catch the cam.

(14) Do not splash oil on the brake belt to avoid slipping.

(15) All hydraulic joysticks cannot be used at the same time; after the gear oil pump is started, pay attention to the reaction of the oil pressure gauge and the bottom pressure indicator. During the drilling process, when the bottom of the hole needs to increase or decrease the pressure, it should be adjusted step by step, and it must not be suddenly increased or decreased. When the vertical shaft (fast reverse bar) is quickly raised by the hydraulic system, it can only be carried out under the original load to prevent the damage of the machine.

 DTH Drilling Rig

 DTH Drilling Rig

(16) When operating the control valve for positioning the steel ball, it is not possible to use excessive force, and should be familiar with the correct positioning point of each positioning position. When operating the valve that automatically resets the spring, it should be pulled to the end, otherwise it will easily cause pressure shock to damage the pressure gauge.

(17) In order to use the hydraulic system reasonably and ensure safe operation, the state of each actuator and the working pressure value should be within the required range.

(18) After the “water cooling” of the winch is over, the water should be drained and the rubber water seal should be removed and the lubricating oil should be applied to prevent the parts from rusting or freezing the roll.

(19) Before the rig moves back, pay attention to unlock the rig locking device.

(20) When the rig is not used for a long time, the exposed parts should be coated with lubricating grease to prevent rust.