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Jinke Drilling Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd.
Service Concept

When a customer decides to purchase a drilling rig from JK Drilling, this customer has already been involved in JK Drilling’s “professional consultancy services system”, which includes before sales, during sales and after sales.  

During the whole service process, JK Drilling always focus on its customers, knowing customers’ needs and satisfying customer requirements. Even sometimes JK Drilling may surprise its customers by providing the services out of their expectations, for JK Drilling has already discovered their potential requirements before customers do.

Jinke Drilling Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd.

As mentioned, JK Drilling’s “professional consultancy services system” includes before sales, during sales and after sales. It is centered on hotline, based on computer website, supported by the service station throughout entire China, and completed by professional service team.

Be your working site in urban area, rural area or desolate area, JK Drilling’s service team will be there for you when you need them; No matter your requirement is first time assembly or second time assembly due to rig relocation, JK Drilling’s service team will be on your site assisting you for assembly; Maybe you do not know the details of JK Drilling’s rigs and during maintenance, you may face a lot of strange problems and various emergency situations, do not worry, JK Drilling’s service team will help your tackling all problems. 

The service team consists of professionally trained and qualified maintenance workers, who possess the profound knowledge about rigs and are good at solving all kinds of problems, and now matter where you are or how troublesome your problems are, they can solve your problems in a fast, enthusiastic and safe manner.

JK Drilling’s service objective is: You are the user of drilling rigs and we are the service provider of drilling rigs, please leave all the service work to us. If you ask JK Drilling's customers why they chose JK Drilling then they will give you the answer that it's because they truly know and trust JK Drilling.

Jinke Drilling Equipment Machinery Co., Ltd.

               No difficulty is insurmountable if one sets one's mind on it.We promise: JK Drilling's quality and technology will help you to achieve more! 


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