The three major points of rig maintenance!

Nov. 09, 2019

Drilling water wells and completing mechanical equipment for downhole pipes, well washing, etc. Including power equipment and drill bits, drill pipes, core tubes, drill stands, etc. Generally divided into three categories: rotary transfer, impact drill and composite transfer.

For the well-drilling personnel, the borewell drilling equipment plays an important role in the drilling process, so it is said that the care and maintenance of the drilling machine must also be done. Maintenance and maintenance are carried out at regular intervals, which can extend the service life of the drilling equipment, and can ensure the safety of the workers, and will not cause sudden shutdowns during use, resulting in stuck drills and the like. So how do you specifically maintain the drilling machine and the drilling machine? Here is a brief summary for you, DTH drill rig manufacturer hope to help you.

Well Drilling Rig

Well Drilling Rig

First, we must maintain it every day. The main job is to wipe the surface of the drilling equipment clean, clean the base groove and vertical surface of the lubrication part of the drilling equipment; tighten all exposed screws, nuts, and others; check the transmission, shifting The position and leakage of the oil in the tank hydraulic system and solve the problem in time.

Second, weekly maintenance is different from daily maintenance, except for the completion of routine maintenance of all inspection items. It is also necessary to remove the tooth surface chuck and slip of the sludge, clean the inner surface of the brake oil, etc., summarize the problems found by the machine this week, contact the factory technicians in time, and formulate the corresponding maintenance and repair plan.

Third, the drilling machine should do a comprehensive maintenance work every month. The specific method is to thoroughly carry out all the inspection items on the day; remove the ink cartridges, clean the slips and slips, and replace them if damaged; clean and filter Replace the hydraulic oil to prevent deterioration; check the complete main parts. If the wear is serious for a long time, replace the new parts in time; summarize the problems found in the versatile well drilling rig in this month, contact the factory technicians in time, and make corresponding maintenance and repair. plan. If drilling equipment is not used for a period of time, the appearance of the covers and fittings should be coated with butter or rust inhibitor.

Slightly summed up some knowledge of daily maintenance of well drilling machinery, more is that we need to learn lessons from daily drilling, understand the performance of the drilling machine, the correct operation method and method, in order to take advantage of the drilling machine.