Precautions for installing hydraulic drill rig

Oct. 12, 2019

What are the precautions for hydraulic drill rigs during transportation?

The main function of the hydraulic drill rig is to drill the water well and complete the mechanical equipment such as the downhole pipe and the well washing. Including power equipment and drill bits, drill pipes, core tubes, drill stands, etc. Generally divided into three categories: rotary transfer, impact drill and composite transfer.

The water well drilling rig is the main tool for mining mining. Because the volume of the water drilling rig is too large, the water drilling rig should pay attention to many problems during transportation. The following water well drilling rig manufacturers will briefly introduce the transportation precautions of the water drilling rig.

When the water well drilling rig moves away from the machine, the center of gravity should be balanced according to the road conditions. The construction site is forbidden to drill holes. The backfill pit pool should be marked. The narrow road or dangerous road section needs to be driven by the shrinking crawler. The inclined road section needs to adjust the rig hoisting angle. Tilting left and right, getting on the car to adjust the center of gravity of the rig; when the road or construction site is filled with water, you can use the drill bit to guide the machine.

Hydraulic Drill Rig

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What are the precautions for hydraulic drilling rig during installation?

1. The hydraulic drilling rig work must be specially trained, after a rigorous examination, and have certain work experience before they can be certified.

2. The hydraulic drill rigs must master the operational requirements of the drilling rig and comprehensive maintenance knowledge, and have considerable experience in troubleshooting.

3. The shipping rig, to carry out safety inspections, the rigs must be complete, the cable is not leaking, drill pipe, drilling tools and other five damage phenomenon.

4. The hydraulic drill rig should be loaded firmly, and the turning or ramp should be slowed and fixed with steel wire.

5. Entering the construction site, the hydraulic drill rig should be fixed, the drilling area should be larger than the drilling rig, and there should be enough safety space around.

6. When drilling, strictly follow the hole position and orientation, angle, hole depth and other construction. hydraulic drill rigs can not be modified without authorization.

7. When installing the drill pipe, check the hydraulic drill rig to ensure that the drill pipe is not blocked, not bent, the wire mouth is not worn, and the unqualified drill pipe is strictly prohibited.

8. When loading and unloading the drill bit, strictly prevent the pipe clamp from pinching the hard alloy piece, strictly preventing the flat bit and the core tube.

9. When installing the drill pipe, the second root must be installed after the first root is installed.

10. When drilling with clear water, no water supply is allowed before drilling. After the water returns, the pressure can be drilled. Ensure that there is sufficient flow, no dry holes are allowed, and the amount of rock powder in the hole should be increased. After actually punching the hole, you can stop drilling.

11. The distance should be accurately measured during the drilling process. Generally, the drilling rod must be measured once every 10 meters or when the drilling tool is changed to verify the hole depth.

12. Whether there is over-temperature phenomenon, such as gearbox, bushing, and vertical shaft gear, there is no abnormal sound. If the problem is found, stop it immediately, find the cause, and deal with it in time.

The operation and maintenance of the water well drilling rig is very convenient, the service life of the components is long, and the production cost is relatively low. The drill pipe has a novel structure, unique lifting and unloading tools, and convenient and quick connection and disassembly of the drill pipe. Our company produces and develops a variety of style rigs, welcome to buy.