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  • Senior Manager


    5 years working experience or above as senior sales and marketing manager, familiar with the knowledge of modern management and machinery industry, able to establish and lead a team and give training to other team members, be innovative.

  • Industrial Accountant


    Age from 30 to 45, healthy, three years working experience as an accountant, possessing all kinds of accountant certificates required. At least three years working experience in cost accounting, including two years of experience in manufacture industry.

  • Products Application Engineer ( All over the country)


    College degree or above, major in Automation or Mechanic; three years working experience is preferred, excellent communication skills and able to travel frequently.

  • Salesman ( All over the country)


    1. College degree or above, and age under 40.

    2.Work in large or medium size machinery enterprise as salesman at least three years or above, familiar with products sales procedures, good comprehension ability of the market trend, driver license is preferred.

    3.Adept at using office software