What Should Be Paid Attention to During the Operation of a Well Rig?

Apr. 10, 2020

One, preparations before starting:

1 Carefully check whether all parts of the drilling machine are complete.

2 Is the screw loose?

3 Whether the lubricating oil meets the requirements.

4 Control buttons are flexible and reliable.

5 The drill pipe and drill bit are damaged.

The 6-hole frame is damaged or not.

7 Are spraying facilities in place.

Second, the normal boot: 1 The drilling machine is idle for 1 to 2 minutes, carefully listening for the existence of abnormal noise and noise. 2 Slowly open your eyes slowly. 3 There is no abnormality in the low gear, and there is no rock in the coal seam to adjust the eye speed. If the coal seam always contains meteorites and the hardness of the rock is high, it can only be used at low speeds.

3. Shutdown: 1 Drill holes, drills, and drill stands should be removed in time. 2 Drill rods, drill bits and supporting hole frames to be disassembled should be placed and cleaned, without affecting pedestrian safety. 3 After the shutdown, the floating coal of the drill body should be cleaned in time and the oil of the drill body should be cleaned and sorted out. 4 Arrangement of explosion-proof switches, cables, and control buttons for drilling rigs should be placed in a place that does not interfere with pedestrian safety and neat placement.

How does water well drilling rigs improve productivity?

1. After the bit of the hydraulic water well drilling rig is drilled into the structure, the center drilling tool needs to be replaced in time. First, you need to clean the bottom of the hole, and then blow away the residue at the bottom of the hole. After the drill bit stops rotating, the drill bit in the hydraulic water well drilling rig is drilled. It is most suitable when the lifting force is slowly raised and the lifting force is just enough to lift the drill bit.

2. The drilling process summarizes the bits of the hydraulic water well rig. It is also necessary to pay close attention to the subsequent working conditions of the casing, timely understand the specific conditions of the borehole, clean up the borehole in time, and drill the drill bit on the water well rig. During this process, strong lifting is prohibited.

3. At the bottom of the hydraulic water well rig, there will be more residue. The eccentric drill bit will be stuck by the slag and affect its collection and production. At this time, you need to send compressed air and clean the hole again. And make the DTH hammer work for a short period of time, then model the water well rig, and then do the lifting work of the center drill again.

Hydraulic drilling rig working system and matters needing attention

Since the motion system of the pocket machine is different from any operating state and operating characteristics of each device, it is divided into three parts, a rotating system, a circulation system and a circulation system. And, in this way, it is completely configured as a system.

(1) The open gas, liquid and water pipes are sealed accordingly, and the inside of the channel and the joints are kept clean to prevent foreign matter from entering.

(2) When removing the fastener, please clamp the clip, attach a label or put it in a special box.

(3) Individually packaged spirals and spirals are packed separately to avoid mixing high-strength spirals, other spirals and spirals.

(4) If the software of the air system is degreased, the problem of the water well rig is to clean the plastic packaging by tightening the outside of each tube, scraping the screws and keeping the inside of the tube clean.

(5) Be careful not to damage the machine when disassembling or hanging.

(6) When placed in a remote place or long-term storage, it is not subject to rain, moisture, anti-fouling, ready for packaging, and ready for packaging and packaging.

(7) All liquids (oil, water) in the equipment are used to dry the emissions.

Water Well Drill Rig

Water Well Drill Rig

What are the steps to install a water well rig?

1. First of all, make sure that the installation of the water well drill rig should be carried out by a skilled operator, and that a person is responsible for the order.

2. Secondly, before determining the installation of the water well rig, the topography, geology, hydrology, meteorology and flood water level should be investigated.

3. According to the water well drilling rig at the horizontal site, the installation needs to install the drilling rig base, tower body, ground anchor, etc.

4. Flatten a solid part next to the planned orifice, the area should not be less than 53.3m2, the front of the wellhead may be uneven, but there should be no obstacles above 1m.

5. When the hydraulic water well drilling rig is installed with a ground beam, the diesel engine transmission device and the hoist are fixed on the drilling rig base.