The Selection Principle of Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig

Apr. 15, 2020

Crawler mounted versatile well drilling rig is mainly designed for drilling design, because we all know that we have not been able to discard the well drilling technology since ancient times, but the manual drilling is slow and tired, so Our clever designer used manual drilling as the predecessor to produce the crawler water well drilling rig. This crawler water well drilling rig was also very competitive, and solved many unnecessary difficulties for our customers because We cannot predict the complexity of the underground environment in advance, but the crawler water well rigs produced by our company can be constructed in various complex and difficult environments, so they are very popular with customers. Water well drilling rigs supplier introduces the selection principles of water well drilling rigs.

Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig

Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig

(1) applicable in production

The selected drilling rig should meet the construction requirements of the project, at the same time, it should be reasonably configured according to the construction tasks undertaken by the company under normal conditions, and the scope of application of the drilling rig should be fully considered. Demand, only the rigs with strong applicability in production can better show their investment effects.

(2) Technically advanced

While meeting production needs, it is required to maintain a certain degree of advancement in its performance indicators, which is conducive to prolonging its technical life. The meeting will be eliminated in the short term. In the long run, it meets the requirements of sustainable development of enterprises and can effectively protect investment.

(3) Operability and maintainability

The operation is simple, which is convenient for workers to master the operation skills and shorten the time for auxiliary operations, such as site leveling, rig displacement, drill frame lifting, drill pipe replacement, and adjustment of valves for gas and water.

The structure of the drilling rig is simple and easy to repair, the versatility of the accessories is strong, and the supply of the supply is sufficient to reduce the purchase price of the accessories, equipment operation and management costs. The drilling rig is difficult to maintain, and technical support and after-sales service are guaranteed, which can avoid delays in construction and production due to waiting for technical assistance from the manufacturer.

(4) Safety and environmental performance

At present, China attaches great importance to the safety and environmental performance of products. When purchasing new equipment, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the manufacturing materials, various safety devices are complete, construction noise, exhaust gas and waste emissions meet the relevant legal requirements.

(5) Economically reasonable

Automatic crawler mounted dth drilling rig is required to be purchased at a reasonable price, with low energy consumption and maintenance costs during use, and a short investment payback period to facilitate the circulation of corporate funds.