JK610 Crawler Mounted Blasting Borehole Drilling Rig

In contrast with pneumatic drill rig, the air displacement of matched air compressor reduces 30% to 50%.

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JK610 internal combustion (electric) crawler mounted hydraulic DTH drill rig, is the latest updated product of "Sharp Sword" series, featuring its better performance, lower operation cost and humanized design. 

It adopts a 70kW Yuchai diesel engine and hydraulic oil pump station assembly to generate power, allowing rigs to rotation, propelling, lifting, walking and angle positioning. 

During operation, only the percussive hammer consumes the compressed air. In contrast with conventional pneumatic drilling rigs, JK610 consumes about 40% to 50% less energy (oil or electricity), and the air displacement of matched air compressor decreases 30% to 50%. 

JK610 is equipped with dust collecting system, and wet type dust collector is optional as long as water is accessible on site. 

JK610 is mainly applicable to blasting borehole drilling process of hydro project, open pit mining, quarrying, road construction and defense project.

Borehole diameter90-165mm
Borehole depth50m
Applicable rock hardnessf=6-20
Working air pressure1.2-2.4MPa
Air consumption11-21m³/min
Feeding stroke4148mm
Rod-changing length3m
Max. horizontal drilling height3370mm
Rotation rate0-60rpm
Rotation torque3000Nm
Travle speed2Km/h, 3Km/h
Grade ability30°
PowerYuchai 70KW
Dust collector (optional)Hydraulic dry dust collector
Wet dust collector
Dimension (LxWxH)7000mm×2000mm×2500mm
Wired remote controlOptional