How Does a Water Well Drilling Rig Work?

Sep. 08, 2023

Now I will introduce to you how the water well drilling rig works.

How does it work?

A well Drilling rig is a large-scale equipment that must be transported to the site by truck and installed in a place where the well is to be dug. The drilling rig can be a rotary drilling rig, which drills into the ground through circular motion, or it can be a "pounder", which uses a technique called "cable drilling" to raise and lower heavy objects to drill holes. Rotary drilling rigs use a variety of drill bits. The most common type is a long cable drill bit or an interlocking steel drill bit, both of which rotate in a clockwise direction to drill into the soil and loosen the soil. When the drill bit turns, the rock is brought to the surface. Turning bits often get hot, so water or mud is used to keep the drilling bits cool.

Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig

The goal of water well drilling is to reach deep underground aquifers or water sources, but this is not where the drilling stops. To ensure an adequate supply of wells and long service life, the water well drilling companies will continue to drill under the groundwater level. Bedrock wells are usually between 100 and 500 feet, but in some cases can be more than 500 feet deep.

Install the well casings

The casing is a long pipe made of steel or plastic used to lay new oil wells to prevent collapse and contamination of the water below during drilling. There is a 2-inch gap between the well wall and the casing, called an annulus. It was filled with gravel and the last 20 feet of ground was covered with cement to prevent contaminants from the surface from entering the well and destroying the water source supplying it. The casing also helps prevent the oil well from freezing during the extreme cold in winter.

Although some drilling companies install the casing while drilling, other companies may also install pipes separately after the drilling is complete.

Crawler Mounted Versatile Well Drilling Rig

Keep the water source clean

To prevent debris and other surface contaminants from entering the water supply system at the bottom of the well, a filter must be installed. These filters also prevent larger particles from being sucked into the water pump. After drilling is completed, a screen is placed at the bottom of the well casing. Gravel is a natural filter medium and is also used in the bottom of the well.

Experience and technology

Hundreds of years ago, well drilling meant digging deep into the ground with a spade and bucket until it hit ground water. Today, there are many techniques and methods available to well drilling contractors to ensure that homeowners have a reliable source of water for many years.

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