What Are The Characteristics Of The Crawler Drilling Rig?

Mar. 23, 2024

Crawler Mounted Drill Rig is a new type of pile machine, which has played a vital role in pile foundation construction in recent years. The crawler drilling rig is easy to operate, and the construction process can be completed by only one person, and the crawler drilling speed is also very fast, and more and more engineering constructions use it.

The Crawler Mounted Drill Rig is a dual-purpose drilling rig suitable for high-pressure rotary jetting and anchoring construction technology according to market needs. It is easy to move and move, reducing the labor intensity of construction workers. At the same time, due to the installation of the crawler chassis, the moving speed during the drilling process can be greatly improved, thereby effectively improving work efficiency.

The automatic crawler drilling rig has low operating costs and its design accords with ergonomics. In addition, what are the characteristics of the crawler drilling rig?

crawler drilling rig

crawler drilling rig

1. The crawler drilling rig has a steel crawler walking mechanism, which makes the whole machine easy to move. Because it is a steel crawler type, it is very wear-resistant, so it is convenient for drilling rig construction in the city.

2. The crawler-mounted drilling rig adopts a hydraulic feeding mechanism to improve drilling efficiency.

3. The crawler drilling rig adopts a ball clamping mechanism instead of a chuck, which can realize a non-stop pull rod, high work efficiency, convenient operation, safety, and reliability.

4. The crawler drilling rig is equipped with a pressure gauge at the bottom of the hole to indicate the pressure and easily grasp the situation in the hole.

5. The crawler drilling rig adopts hydraulic operation, which is convenient and reliable.

6. The diesel engine adopts an electric start, which reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Crawler drilling rig suppliers remind us to pay attention to regularly check whether the wire rope is worn. If the crawler drilling rig is not well maintained, it is difficult to play an important role. We must maintain and regulate in time as required to effectively protect our crawlers and reduce us. The frequency of equipment failures makes our equipment work better for us.

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