Features of Vehicle Mounted Drilling Rig

Jun. 08, 2023

Truck mounted drill rig by focusing on the main drilling equipment and drilling tools in a car so that it can be constructed under some special terrain and geographical conditions such as water shortage, power shortage and dangerous geographical location, vehicle-mounted drilling rigs are showing more and more superior performance than bulk drilling rigs in a well drilling rig.

(1) The degree of intensification is high

The vehicle-mounted drilling rig has the advantages of fast and convenient relocation and construction of the truck-mounted drilling rig, and can be separated from the car when necessary, and split into a bulk drilling rig and a car like the bulk drilling rig. The organic combination of the drilling rig and the car body has created conditions for the multi-functional use of the drilling rig and the use of multiple drilling processes. The power of the drilling rig can use its own generator, or it can directly choose the engine of the car itself to avoid the bulkiness of the on-board drilling rig and more convenient operation and maintenance, thereby effectively reducing the labor intensity of the driller and improving the working conditions and working environment. It reflects the high efficiency and humanized characteristics of modern industrial technology. At the same time, the main and auxiliary equipment and drilling tools of the vehicle-mounted drilling rig are concentrated on a single car, and the relocation and transportation are fast and the operation is convenient. The installation and disassembly workload is small, the movement is coordinated, the speed is fast, the derrick is quickly lifted, and the drilling efficiency is high.

Truck Mounted Drill Rig

Truck Mounted Drill Rig

(2) a high degree of automation.

Electricity, liquid, gas drive, and control technology and the development of such industries as electronic information technology, make the onboard rig equipment widely used in the exploration of microelectronics and automatic control technology and the hydraulic powerhead can achieve automatic control drilling parameters and drill string on emissions, connections, and discharge can realize full automation, without manual operation, thereby reducing the operating personnel, reduce the labor intensity.

(3) the height of the drilling platform can be adjusted. 

Hydraulic drive and control are widely used in vehicle-mounted geological drilling equipment. The matching and layout of drilling equipment is more in line with the requirements of the drilling operation, and it can adapt to the requirements of multi-process rapid drilling. For the fully hydraulic vehicle drilling rig, the height of the drill floor can be adjusted by the hydraulic cylinder, which can easily achieve the appropriate height of the drill floor and can meet the needs of modern drilling for the blowout preventer system.

(4) strong supporting ability. 

With the rapid development of science and technology, the strength of the overall industrial base is getting stronger and stronger, and the supporting technology is more comprehensive, which provides more favorable conditions for the vehicle-mounted drilling rig. Many professional manufacturers produce a variety of high-performance transport equipment and advanced machinery manufacturing technology, which can be suitable for the plateau, desert and wetland, marsh, water surface areas travel requirements. The technology of high-performance engine, air compressor, long life bottom hole motor, high precision directional device and measuring device with drilling is becoming more and more mature.

(5) friendly operation environment. 

With the development of technology, the power source of the on-board drilling rig can use its own generator or directly use the engine of the car. In addition to being able to walk the car, the car's engine also has a forklift under its chassis. The operation of the force extractor is through the driver operating a clutch in the seat, close the clutch, the force extractor will turn, the clutch will stop running.It avoids the large volume of the vehicle-mounted drilling rig and makes the operation and maintenance more convenient. This effectively reduces the labor intensity of roughnecks and improves their working conditions and working environment. The full hydraulic automatic control adopted by the vehicle-mounted drilling machine makes it safer, quieter and less and less pollution to the environment.

Truck mounted well drilling rig has already occupied a certain share in the loading form of DRG and is on the rise rapidly. It has good application and development prospect in coalfield geological exploration and survey.