How to Deal With Gypsum Laminar Flow Sand Layer When Drilling Well Drilling Rig?

May. 05, 2020

In the process of drilling Wells in a different geological layer should adopt different measures, it can achieve a good effect, water well drilling rig drilling once present in the process of gypsum invasion, can pass to soda ash, in addition to calcium viscosity agent for removing calcium ion, at the same time with calcium resistance to strong viscosity agent control stick, make up for the fluid loss agent, prevent collapse agent such as material, in order to maintain the function of water well drilling rig drilling fluid is stable.

Gypsum layer

Before drilling into the gypsum layer, pre-treat the drilling fluid of the good drilling rig, drop the solid phase, drop the viscosity cut, and participate in anti-gypsum treating agents (such as soda ash, calcium decalcification and viscosity reducing agent, etc.) in advance. Prepare the treating agent for treating the gypsum layer according to the construction materials of the adjacent well in advance. Improve the pH value of drilling fluid for a good drilling rig, and then improve the ability to drill fluid for a small well drilling rig to resist gypsum contamination.

Quicksand layer

When drilling in quicksand formation, it is necessary to progress in water well drilling rig drilling fluid viscosity, the progress of bentonite content in water well drilling rig drilling fluid, the general requirement is more than 10%, to participate in the single seal, strengthen water well drilling rig drilling fluid wall-building, engineering properly reduced emissions, falling convection sand bed erosion, pull out before it is necessary to use viscosity is greater than the 80 s to shut down the hole, the thick mud of guarantee of small water well drilling rig drilling mechanical drill, electric logging, the casing is smooth.

Quartz sandstone

Quartz sandstone is a very strong rock, in the process of drilling often appear slow footage, meter footage may appear two meters of sand, drilling tool beating severe, slag and rock cutting more, buried drilling problems. So you need to understand this terrain in detail.

Clearwater does not have the same lubricity as mud. When it comes to hard rock, the drilling tool will beat violently. The rock will be broken when the drilling tool beats. Separation of water is bigger, bigger more rock cutting cannot rinse out of the hole, the shape of sand rock cutting on the hole has been drifting sinkhole, if using the extraction tube may appear to play meter footage may present the phenomenon of the sand two meters, if carelessly a bit may be buried drill, it'll bring hole cleaning out the sand more trouble.

Quartz sandstone is formed by sedimentation, belong to very hard rock, in the process of the portable water well drilling rig drilling exploration hole are playing shallow generally (30-200 meters), so usually with a diamond bit using water automatic drilling mud making, often appear: slow penetration, playing meter footage may present two meters of sand, drill to beat, and rock-cut more, stay the whole disturbance, etc.

Water Well Drilling Rig

Water Well Drilling Rig