JKCS300 Truck Mounted Drill Rig

Truck Mounted Drilling Rig is a new, efficient and versatile well drilling rig.

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It is mainly applicable to the drilling process of wells, monitor boreholes, geothermal boreholes and grouting borehole of cofferdam.  

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Truck Mounted Drill Rig

Our range of water well and geothermal drilling rigs includes several on-board units designed to ensure maximum operational flexibility and maneuverability, even in the most challenging environments.

Truck mounted rigs range from light and compact rigs that can be mounted on small 4x4 trucks, to heavyweight rigs designed for heavy duty 8x8 trucks and providing pulling power up to 50 tons.

Hydraulic drilling rigs are powered by a truck engine via a power take-off (PTO) or auxiliary hydraulics, and feature advanced modular circuitry that allows each machine to be configured to meet project requirements and individual customer needs, adapting to the most varied ground conditions. With a comprehensive selection of rotating equipment and application-specific accessories, a variety of settings are available for each model. This ensures that our rigs can perform all the most commonly used water well drilling methods:

Single-head rotary drilling with direct mud/, water or air circulation;

reverse circulation drilling;

Rotary percussion drilling (DTH drilling) with a down-the-hole hammer.

Drill rigs are used to build wells for public, agricultural, commercial, industrial and domestic water supplies, as well as repair and deepen existing wells. They can also be used for instrumentation installations for groundwater monitoring activities.

Truck Mounted Drill Rig Features

JKCS300 truck mounted versatile well drilling rig is a new, efficient and multifunctional hydraulic rig, mainly applicable to all kinds of drilling process of wells, monitor boreholes, geothermal boreholes, and grouting holes of cofferdam, dam and reinforced base, as well as drilling of open pit mining, anchor reinforcement project and defense project. The rig equips with powerful hydraulic motor, heavy hydraulic drilling arm and high pressure DTH percussive hammer, and its drilling speed is faster than other type of rigs.

Truck Mounted Drill Rig parameters

Specifications of JKCS300 Versatile Well Drilling Rig
Borehole Diameterφ105-350mm
Borehole Drilling Depth300m
Working Air Pressure1.05-3.05MPa
Air Consumption16-35m³/min
Rod Diameterφ89mm, φ102mm, φ114mm
Rod Length3m / 4.5m
Grade Ability15°
Winch System ( standard main winch & optional tooling winch)
Lifting Force15t
Lifting Height8m
Feed System
Axial Pressure±6t
Rotation Torque4500N.m
Rotation Rate0-80rpm
Weight8t (excluding vehicle)
Dimension (L x W x H)10500mm x 2480mm x 3050mm (transport)
Working Size (L x W x H)11000mm x 2480mm x 7147mm

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