Features of On-Board and Crawler Rigs

Jun. 30, 2020

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Features of crawler rig

This type of rig is suitable for more complex areas, with the strong climbing ability and strong rock input ability. The disadvantage is that the equipment itself is very heavy, and the crawler chassis itself has poor performance. It is necessary to rely on large pallet truck transportation and supporting vehicle transfer support equipment and supporting equipment for the transition. The transportation cost of the equipment is high, the road conditions and the turning radius are relatively high during the transportation process, and the local coordination is difficult. According to on-site usage statistics, pallet trucks (transport rotary drills), cranes (suspended drill rods), and semi-trailers (transport drill rods) are required for the transfer of crawler rigs. The removal of drill rods, drill bits, equipment handling trucks, road transport, drill rod installation, drill bits, etc. takes a long time and takes about 6 hours. If you use a self-propelled transition, you can drive 1 to 1.5 kilometers per hour, but this will cause some damage to the road.

Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Features of Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

Compared with the crawler rig, the vehicle-mounted 0 rig model is relatively small. The tire-type chassis is more flexible and lighter, can be independent for a long distance, can reduce transportation costs, and greatly reduce the difficulty of local coordination. The model is mainly applicable to soil layers and strongly weathered rock layers, and the construction efficiency of moderately weathered rocks is low.

The rig is equipped with three drill bits: pick drill bit, pick sand drill bit, and bottom drill. Pick tooth barrel drill is suitable for excavation of foundation pits in weathering and rock geology. The tooth-shaped drill bit can form a ring groove around the hard rock, loosen and hollow the rock, and can take the core, which greatly improves the drilling efficiency. The structure is simple, and the drill bit is not easy to damage when drilling into the drill bit. The picking sand drill is suitable for the excavation of soft geological foundation pits such as clay and strong weathering, and can also be used for the excavation of medium weathering geological foundation pits. The sand drill can rotate a certain angle between the upper and lower bottom plates to achieve the opening and closing of the bottom opening of the bucket bottom, and the drilling efficiency of the soil layer is high. The bottom plate can be closed by reversing, and the slag drilled in the barrel is not easy to discharge. When the rock breaks, the contact area between the pick and the rock is very small, it is easy to break, and the efficiency is higher. The drilling depth of the drum drill and sand drill is 0.5m per barrel. The sand drill has the function of borrowing soil. The bottom drill bit is designed for the foundation construction of power transmission lines. , The remaining soil generated from the bottom can be taken out through the sand drill bit.