Characteristics and Application Of Truck - Mounted Well Drilling Rig

Jun. 16, 2020

Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling RigTruck mounted water well drilling rig adopts vehicle-mounted self-propelled, which is a car-mounted turntable rotary drilling rig;

The rig uses a special car crane chassis, the transfer case, the main transmission system, the gearbox, the double winch unit, the mud pump, the turntable, the drill tower, and the wire rope feeding mechanism are all installed on the crane chassis;

The main drilling method of the drilling rig is the rotary drilling of the rotary table rotary mud. It is equipped with a BW850/2A mud pump. The mud is used as the flushing fluid. The plunger pump high-pressure grouting is used to realize the positive circulation drilling. It can also be equipped with appropriate drilling tools. Adapt to other drilling techniques, can be drilled in clay, sand, bedrock and other formations;

The drilling rig is powered by a car engine, equipped with a transfer device and a hydraulic system, and the car walking and drilling operations are linked with the machine;

The drilling rig can be equipped with a three-phase AC generator set according to user requirements, which provides convenience for night lighting or welding maintenance on the construction site;

The drilling rig is equipped with a hydraulic hoist, a tower pulley block, and an auxiliary pressurizing device for the lifting rings on both sides of the faucet. When it encounters mudstone, strong weathering, bedrock and other formation structures, it can assist pressurized drilling to improve the efficiency of hole formation;

The main drive of the drilling rig is a mechanical transmission, the rig is lifted, six legs are balanced, four leveling legs are hydraulically controlled, two mechanical legs, transfer box, and mud pump clutch system are pneumatically controlled;

Water well drilling rigs are favored by different customers, which mainly depends on the advantages of vehicle-mounted water well drilling rigs. Vehicle-mounted water well drilling rigs have advantages that other drilling rigs do not have:

1. The self-priming ability of the mud pump of the vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig is relatively strong, and the flow rate of 10 levels can be adjusted to meet the production.

2. The vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig has good drill pipe performance and large self-weight, and high-efficiency production can be completed by relying on self-weight pressure when drilling.

3. Truck mounted well drilling rig has strong hydraulic pressure, which can reduce the labor intensity of the operator and save the operator.

4. The vehicle-mounted water well drilling rig is equipped with four sets of hydraulic legs, which can adjust the extension length of different legs to suit different working places, and the positive and negative circulation work of the water well drilling rig can be realized on the operating table. Can operate

Flexible production.

The drilling rig has a beautiful appearance, large turntable torque, and fast footage. It is suitable for farmland water conservancy projects, industrial deep water wells, national defense construction, hydrological exploration, and geothermal mine water well drilling. It can also be used for the construction of other engineering foundation holes. It is very popular among customers at home and abroad.