Method of Loading and Unloading Crawler Rig Correctly

Feb. 07, 2024

The transportation methods of crawler drills and crawler excavators are similar. However, crawler rigs are generally much larger than excavators, so they are more dangerous and more difficult to load and unload. Today, Crawler Mounted Drill Rig Supplier will explain how to properly load and unload crawler rigs. And remind everyone that for the happiness of their families and their own safety, the alarm bells are always ringing to prevent precautions and jointly create a safe working environment.

Precautions during loading

1. Only load the vehicle on solid and level ground, pay attention to the surrounding environment when the machine rotates, and observe whether there are unsafe factors.

2. To ensure the stability of the transport vehicle, if necessary, place a block under the tire to ensure that the vehicle does not move.

3. The slope between the transportation vehicle and the rotary drilling rig should ensure that the slope of the slope should not exceed 15 degrees on the same level.

4. The width of the ramp and the width of the tracks should match.

5. The front and rear positions of the guide wheels should be determined before walking.

6. The upper plate of the crawler-type DTH rig can't deviate when walking.

7. Crawler Mounted Drilling Rigs can't operate any other joysticks or pedals when driving on the slope, only the walking joystick.

8. The machine should be gently lifted and not dropped.

Drive the rig to the position specified by the vehicle and drop the front push shovel. After loading, the driver must first pull up the safety lock handle and lift up the left control box before leaving the seat to cut off the source of the pilot oil circuit. Errors or unintentional collisions with the joystick cause the rig to move incorrectly.

Fix the machine on the transport vehicle: turn off the engine, remove the key from the starter switch, lift the safety lock handle and the control box above it, and lock the cab hood. Put pads under both ends of the track to prevent the machine from moving during transportation, and tie the machine firmly with a wire rope.

Crawler Mounted Drilling Rigs

Crawler Mounted Drilling Rigs

Matters needing attention when unloading

1. Unload the vehicle from the transportation vehicle: the transportation vehicle applies brakes and pads under the tires to ensure the stability of the transportation vehicle.

2. Prepare the slope, ensure that the slope of the slope does not exceed 15 degrees, and ensure that the slopes on both sides are on the same horizontal plane and the center distance of the ramp and the center distance of the crawler match.

3. Remove the rope securing the rig.

4. Start the hydraulic crawler rig engine correctly, and preheat it in winter.

5. Lower the safety lock handle.

6. Raise the bulldozer.

7. Check that there are no obstacles in the rig's range of motion.

8. Pull up the platform locking pin to turn the platform 180 degrees, the rotary drilling rig device is facing the slope, and the rotary drilling rig is in the forward direction.

9. The rig slowly advances until it reaches the top of the slab, and the stick is extended so that the crawler is tilted down the slope, and then slowly advances. Only the walking joystick can be operated during driving, and no other joystick or pedal can be operated. Until safe driving to safe ground.

Two points to pay attention to when loading and unloading hydraulic crawler rigs:

1. When the rig is driving on or off the board, if it drives the optional equipment, it is very easy to cause the chainplate to turn out of the board and cause a rollover, which will cause damage to the vehicle and casualties. The operator must be careful when operating.

2. Special attention should be paid when the rig is moving on the board and the board truck and the operation must be carried out after determining the front and back positions of the guide wheel, otherwise, it will cause a safety accident such as falling, causing casualties and serious economic losses.

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