Current Status and Prospects of Underground Drilling Equipment Technology in Coal Mines (Part 3)

Jun. 12, 2020

 DTH Drill Rig

Underground coal mine drilling equipment plays a vital role in ensuring the safe and efficient production of the mine. After more than 40 years of development, its technical level has been greatly improved. Combined with product characteristics, technology types, and application fields, the overall technical status of domestic and overseas underground drilling equipment is introduced, the application effects and existing problems of foreign drilling rigs are analyzed, and the development history and current status of domestic drilling rigs are emphasized. The technical status of 5 representative models of the body drilling rig, crawler drilling rig, electro-hydraulic control drilling rig, rubber wheel self-propelled drilling rig and directional drilling rig also made necessary explanations on product development ideas and related applications, and finally analyzed the underground coal mine The development trend of informatization, automation, and intelligence of drilling equipment.

Relevant scientific research units and enterprises at home and abroad have carried out long-term research and equipment research and development in the field of coal mine drilling equipment, and have made great technological progress.

2 Development Outlook

In general, in recent years, with the support of the state, guided by the policy of combining independent innovation with the introduction of digestion and absorption, and through the combination of production, education, and research, China has achieved fruitful results in the field of underground mine tunnel drilling equipment technology and developed A variety of rig equipment and supporting technologies suitable for various purposes provide a powerful guarantee for the safe and efficient production of coal mines, promote the sustainable development of coal green and the stable improvement of the coal mine safety production situation, which fully shows that the country’s support for industry innovation is necessary Is also effective.

China has entered the international advanced ranks in the technology and equipment of near-horizontal kilometer directional drilling and measurement while drilling in coal mines. However, compared with advanced oil directional drilling and logging technology, the equipment reliability, degree of automation, and There is still a certain gap in the drilling measurement instruments. It is necessary to learn from and absorb advanced domestic and foreign advanced drilling technologies for petroleum and coalbed methane, and to conduct research and development of underground drilling engineering technology and equipment from the aspects of drilling equipment, drilling technology, and hole-forming technology. A steering intelligent drilling system suitable for underground coal mines in China.

The research and development of underground coal mine drilling technology and equipment require multi-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary integration, intensifying research on information, automation, and intelligence. Through the deep integration of intelligent drilling equipment and drilling technology, realizing automated drilling in the true sense The purpose of the construction is to achieve "mechanized substitution and automatic reduction of personnel", to achieve a reduction of staff and increase efficiency, and to provide equipment and technical support for coal-bed methane well up and downhole regional three-dimensional combined extraction, water hazard prevention and detection of hidden hazards. 

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