Low Temperature Work Precautions For Water Well Drill Rig

Dec. 14, 2018

The water drilling rig should pay special attention to the low temperature work and do the corresponding preparation work. The following DTH Drilling Rig Supplier will briefly introduce the low temperature work precautions of the water well drilling rig.

First, the support of the Water Well Drill Rig should use the triangular support, to ensure that the support is firm and reliable, the construction personnel regularly check the support part and find hidden dangers in time. The reliability must be carefully monitored at lower temperatures.

Second, the requirements of the site, the site should be level, the road should be smooth; because in the low temperature environment, the land will become hard, so ensure this.

Third, we must pay attention to fire prevention, fire equipment configuration is reasonable, in line with fire requirements. The problem of fire protection cannot be ignored in low temperature environments.

Fourth, due to the low temperature, the staff's warmth measures must be in place to ensure that the drilling workers can maintain a good working condition.

The lower temperature will have a certain impact on the work of the water well drilling rig. The water well drilling rig manufacturer reminds everyone to pay attention to the insulation and pay attention to safety.

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