The Main Advantages Of The Crawler Mounted Drill Rig

Dec. 11, 2018

The Crawler Mounted Drill Rig is a dual-purpose drilling rig suitable for high-pressure rotary jetting and anchoring construction technology according to market needs. It is easy to move and move, reducing the labor intensity of construction workers. At the same time, due to the installation of the crawler chassis, the moving speed during the drilling process can be greatly improved, thereby effectively improving work efficiency.

The Crawler Mounted Drilling Rigs can be configured according to different performances. The maximum output torque of the rotary drilling rig can reach 3600N.m, and the maximum pulling force can reach 60kN. The hole can be selected from the rotary drill of the hard alloy drill bit and the impact hammer of the down-the-hole hammer. Drilling and other processes, so that it can be directly formed into holes in the majority of the formation, and immediately sprayed into piles.

What is a jet grouting pile?

The jet grouting pile is to use the rotary jet drilling machine to place the rotary jet grouting pipe and the nozzle drill in the design height of the pile bottom, and the pre-formed slurry is passed through the high-pressure generating device to obtain a huge energy of the liquid flow, and then from the nozzle of the grouting pipe side. High-speed injection, forming a highly concentrated liquid flow, directly destroying the soil. During the spraying process, the drill pipe is rotated while lifting, so that the slurry and the soil are fully stirred and mixed to form a columnar solid body of a certain diameter in the soil. So that the foundation is reinforced. The construction is generally divided into two work processes, namely, first drilling and then spraying, then drilling down, and then lifting the mixing to ensure the proportion and quality of the slurry per meter.

Practice has proved that this method has a good effect on the treatment of silt, silty soil, cohesive soil, silt, sand, artificial fill and gravel soil. The grouting pipe with the nozzle is driven into the borehole, and the cement slurry is sprayed at a high pressure to mix and solidify the pile with the surrounding soil particles.

Crawler Mounted Drill Rig