What Is A Water Well Drilling Rigs?

Dec. 17, 2018

What is a Water Well Drilling Rigs? Simply speaking, a water well drilling rig is a mechanical device that drills a water well and completes downhole pipe, well washing, etc., including power equipment and drill bits, drill pipes, core pipes, drill stands, and the like. Below DTH Drilling Rig Supplier will introduce the classification and working principle of the water well drilling rig and the correct use of the water drilling rig.

 1. Hydraulic oil pump: It is a double-type, large displacement pump provides power for the power head. The small displacement pump provides power for four leg cylinders, landing mast cylinders, and afterburning/lifting cylinders.

 2. Four legs: The small well drilling equipment consists of a hydraulic cylinder and a fixed frame. The level of the body can be adjusted at the work site to support and stabilize the body.

 3. Mast: It is a frame structure welded by giant steel pipe, channel steel and angle steel. The inner groove of the channel steel on both sides is used as the power head to run up and down to ensure the verticality of the hole. The ups and downs of the well mast are completed by hydraulic cylinders.

 4. Power head: The mechanism adopting the gear reducer has a large-diameter mandrel in the middle of the low-speed shaft. The upper end of the mandrel can be connected with the hose connection of the concrete pouring equipment to inject concrete; the lower end of the mandrel passes The blue plate is connected to the drill pipe and the drill bit. The high speed shaft is driven by a high torque hydraulic motor.

 Water well drilling rig system

1. A power system, a device that provides energy to a complete set of rigs;

2. Working system, equipment that works according to the requirements of the process;

3. Transmission system, equipment for transmitting, conveying and distributing energy to the working unit;

4. Control system, control each system and equipment, coordinate and accurately work according to the requirements of the process;

5. Auxiliary system, equipment that assists the main system to work.

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