Types of DTH Drilling Rigs

Apr. 23, 2024

At present, three types of DTH drilling rigs, large, medium, and small, are widely used in the market. High, medium, and low wind pressure, track tread, rubber tread mode; driving force includes diesel engine, electric motor, wind engine, and other models.


Motor-driven DTH drill rigs

Motor-driven DTH drill rigs are based on diesel-driven drill rigs. Diesel motors are used instead of diesel engines.



1. The power characteristics of the motor are excellent.

2. The air consumption of the rig is small;



The workplace must have sufficient power.


Power type of drilling rig

There are three basic types of power for domestic small and medium-sized crawler self-propelled DTH rigs. The rig is driven by a diesel engine to drive a group of hydraulic oil pumps, and the output hydraulic oil is separately supplied.

1. Rough machining mechanism cylinder and body floating cylinder. All movements of the rig are hydraulic and are therefore often referred to as 'hydraulic rigs'.

2. Walking hydraulic motor

3. Propulsion (lifting) cylinder

4. Rotating hydraulic motor



Using only compressed air, the entire machine consumes less air and can be equipped with a small-displacement air compressor, which can reduce the purchase cost of equipment (rigs + air compressors). Gradually replaces other developed types of power supplies as rigs. It is very convenient for the rig to shift gears, without the need to drag cables and conduits.



Engine runs faster in dusty environments for extended periods of time. Mitigation measures have increased the number of air filtration steps, followed by dedicated dust removal equipment. Skill levels.


DTH Drilling Rig

 DTH Drilling Rig

Supporting air compressors

In order to achieve higher drilling efficiency, drilling rigs supporting high air compressors are gradually occupying the mainstream position. The main parameters of the air compressor are exhaust pressure and displacement, and the design requirements of the rig are essential to make full use of the drilling efficiency of the rig.


Because the drilling efficiency of a DTH drilling rig is mainly determined by the DTH impactor, the amount of wind consumed by the impactor depends on the design structure. The output power of the impactor increases with the increase of wind pressure and air volume, and the drilling speed will become Times increase. In other words, if a high-performance rig and a high-efficiency impactor are selected, the corresponding air pressure and air volume of the air compressor must be guaranteed. Otherwise, the drilling efficiency of the same rig is attributed to the air compressor. Performance parameters vary widely.


Full pneumatic down-the-hole drilling rig

All pneumatic rigs are driven by wind motors, including walking, rotating, propelling (lifting) oil pumps, and impactors. The structure of mechanical parts is basically the same as the above two.


Disadvantages of single power supply

1. The entire machine consumes a lot of air, so it must be equipped with a large displacement air compressor.

2. The purchase cost of equipment (rig + air compressor) is currently decreasing. Most were replaced by internal combustion engine drives.

3. Gear transmission failure rate is relatively high

4. Power characteristics are worse than electric motors and diesel engines.


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