Do you know Crawler Hydraulic Rigs?

Jun. 25, 2024


A crawler hydraulic drilling rig is a fully hydraulic rock drilling rig with a crawler travel mechanism. Crawler hydraulic drilling rigs consist of a power unit and hydraulic system, a crawler travel mechanism, a drilling frame with hydraulic rock drills and augers, a jib, and a drill pipe unloading device.



The crawler-type hydraulic rock drill has the advantages of low power consumption, fast rock drilling speed, low noise, and improved labor conditions compared to the pneumatic and monk rock drills (air drills).



The crawler-type hydraulic drilling rig consists of a power unit and hydraulic system, a crawler walking mechanism, a drilling frame equipped with a hydraulic rock drill and auger, a support arm, and a drilling rod unloading device. With a drilling hole diameter of 35 to 125 mm and a drilling depth of up to 30 m, it is suitable for large stone excavation and drilling operations. All operations are hydraulic except for the high-pressure air or water used for drilling and boreholes.


Crawler Hydraulic Rig


1. The crawler travel mechanism is independently pressurized and driven and is equipped with a hydraulic jack support device, which allows it to swivel in place and adapt to uneven ground operations.

2. The front end of the working cylinder is equipped with a two-way hydraulic locking device to ensure safety and stability.

3. Equipped with a drill pipe unloading device, equipped with 5 to 7 drill pipes, it can quickly complete the operation of connecting, dismantling, aligning and entering, and leaving the drill pipes, saving time and reducing physical labor.

4. The drill rig can swing, telescope, and swivel, with mobility to adapt to the operating environment and shorten the preparation time for work.



Pneumatic drilling rigs for mining: simple and efficient drilling rigs for operation in coal mines. The crawler pneumatic drilling rig is a compressed air-powered drilling rig for walking and drilling. Although it may sound complex, it is simple to operate. A row of consoles, 6 operating levers: forward, backward, rotate, adjust the drilling position and angle, and drill with one key.


This type of underground coal mine crawler pneumatic drilling rig can be connected to a high-pressure outlet for use without a motor, without electricity, without risk of explosion, and with high safety. The pneumatic crawler drilling rig can work across belts and scrapers and is suitable for underground drilling of water holes, air holes, pressure relief, and punching holes.


The drilling operation and the travel of the crawler air drill are controlled by a separate console.

For drilling operations, the rig is first stabilized by turning the start/stop button on the rig console to the stop position and then pulling the rear end ball valve on the pump station to obtain the rig's pneumatic console. The console has two reversing valves to control the rotation and advance of the rig and a ball valve to control the amount of water used during drilling. The right control valve controls the rotation of the rig. It pushes the main engine forward and pulls backward to reverse the rotation. The middle position stops. The left control valve controls the forward and backward movement of the rotary, pushing the rotary forward and pulling it back to stop in the middle position.


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