DTH Drilling Rig Working Principle And Usage Rules

Jul. 04, 2024

Working principle of DTH Drilling Rig

dth drilling rig

JK520 Crawler Mounted Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig

DTH drilling rig is a percussive rotary drilling rig. Its internal structure is different from general rock drilling rigs. Its gas distribution and piston reciprocating mechanism are independent. The front end is directly connected to the drill bit and the back end is connected to the drill rod. When rock drilling, the impactor dives into the hole, and the piston (hammer) in the impactor reciprocates to strike the shank through the gas distribution device (valve) so that the drill bit impacts the rock at the bottom of the hole. The high-speed rotation of the impactor in the hole is realized by a motor or a wind-driven rotating device outside the hole through a drill rod connected to the rear end of the impactor. The cuttings produced during the rock drilling process are flushed out of the hole by a mixture of wind and water. The mixed gas is injected into the impactor through the center of the drill rod by the powder discharge mechanism and then enters the bottom of the hole through the air groove on the impactor cylinder.

DTH Drilling Rig usage rules

Rig installation and preparation

1. Prepare the rock-drilling cavern, the specifications of which can be determined according to the method of drilling. Generally speaking, the height of the cavity is 2.6-2.8 meters when drilling a horizontal hole with a down-the-hole drill. When drilling upward, downward, or inclined holes, the width of the cavity is 2.5 meters and the height is 2.8-3 meters.

2. Lead the gas and water pipelines, lighting lines, etc. to near the working surface for later use.

3. Erect the pillars firmly according to the requirements of the hole position design. The upper and lower ends of the pillar should be padded with wooden boards, and the horizontal shaft and the snap ring should be installed on the pillar according to a certain height and direction. Use the hand winch to lift the machine and fix it on the pillar at the required angle. Then adjust the hole direction of the drill.

Pre-work inspection

1. When starting to work, carefully check whether the gas and water pipelines are firmly connected. Check for air leaks and water leaks.

2. Check whether the lubricator has been filled with oil.

3. Check whether the screws, nuts, joints, etc. of each part have been tightened. Check whether the column is really strong.

Drilling procedure

When opening the hole, start the motor first, and pull the push handle of the manipulator after the transfer is normal. Make it get proper propulsion, and then pull the handle that controls the impactor to the working position. After rock drilling, you can open the water valve to keep the gas-water mixture at a proper ratio. Perform normal rock drilling work. When the advancing work moves the rod loader to collide with the brace holder, it is to finish drilling a drill rod. It is necessary to stop the operation of the motor and stop the air and water supply to the impactor. Insert the fork into the drill pipe slot of the drill holder, make the motor reverse the slide plate to retreat, and disconnect the joint from the drill pipe. Then connect the second drill pipe, press this button and you will continue to work in a cycle.

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