[Water Well Drilling Rigs for sale]Classification of the drill bit

May. 25, 2019

Classification of the drill bit

Cable drill

Cable drill, also known as a percussion drill. Water Well Drilling Rigs Supplier shares that the cable drill bit is sent to the bottom of the well with the wire rope, and the beam mechanism is driven by the power to make one end of the beam move up and down, and drive the wire rope and the bit to produce up and down impact, so that the rock is broken. Due to slow drilling speed and low efficiency, the rotary drilling has been gradually replaced by the rotary drilling. However, it has the advantages of simple equipment, low cost, no oil pollution, etc., and can be used in some shallow low-pressure oil and gas Wells, leakage Wells, etc.

Water Well Drilling Rigs Supplier

Rotating drill

To break rocks by cutting or grinding as the bit rotates. Is currently the most common drilling method. Faster than ton drilling, and easy to handle well collapse, blowout and other complex situations. Way according to the power of the rotary drill and can be divided into two kinds of, rotary drilling and underground power drill: rotary drill at the mouth of the well rig device itself, wheel center part of the square hole, the kelly bar through the square hole at the top of the drill string, kelly, the drill string and bit power driven rotary drill string and bit rotates, broken rock. Downhole power drill is to use downhole power drill to drive the drill bit to break the rock. Underground power drill turbo drill, screw drill and electric drill.

Downhole power drilling is a drilling method that USES turbodrill, screw drill and percussive rotary drill to drill by drilling fluid. It is characterized by fast penetration, low bit pressure and high pump pressure. Suitable for drilling directional well or special hard bottom section.

Drilling equipment is divided into rotary system, lifting system and mud circulating system according to its functions. Power and transmission and control systems, etc.

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