[Water Well Drilling Rigs for sale]Common sense of drilling

May. 23, 2019

Common sense of drilling

Water Well Drilling Rigs supplier China shares that drilling is the process of drilling holes in strata from the ground by mechanical equipment or manpower. Usually refers to the exploration or development of oil, natural gas and other liquid and gaseous minerals and drilling Wells and large diameter water Wells engineering. Drilling is widely used in national economic construction.

Rotary table drilling is widely used in oil (gas) field in China. The main equipment includes derrick, operating platform, diesel engine, drilling rig, drilling tool, mud pump, generator and test equipment, fuel tank, boiler and so on.

Drilling profile

The size of drilling diameter and depth depends on drilling purposes and mineral burial depth. Drilling for oil, gas, and ground water has larger bore sizes. Main function is: (1) to obtain underground physical data, namely from drilling core, core, cuttings, liquid samples, gas samples, etc. (2) as a geophysical well logging channel, to obtain all kinds of geophysical field data of rock ore beds. (3) as an artificial channel to observe the hydrogeological dynamics of the aquifer. (4) used for exploration, mining combination, development of groundwater, oil and gas, geothermal drilling.

Water Well Drilling Rigs supplier China

Drilling is usually divided into geological survey or exploration drilling, hydrogeological drilling, Wells or engineering geological drilling, geothermal drilling, oil drilling, coal field drilling, mine field drilling, construction surface drilling, etc. .

From drilling to completion of a well, the following three major tasks are required: 1. 2. Transport broken rock (i.e. debris) to the ground; 3. Well wall consolidation (referred to as cementing).

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