Preparation Work Before Hydraulic Dth Drill Rig Construction.

Jul. 28, 2020

Hydraulic DTH Drill RigThe construction of hydraulic down-the-hole drilling rigs has the characteristics of fast hole formation, high quality, no noise, and no pollution. Because of its unparalleled advantages in the construction of cast-in-place piles, it is favored by more and more construction units. Therefore, the current price segment Drilling rigs are the main force in underground engineering construction.

1. Construction site: hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig for pile foundation construction. In the preliminary preparation stage, the construction site is required to be high. Due to the heavyweight of the rotary drilling rig, the operation of the rotary drilling rig requires the machinery to remain stable, so the operation The site reaches a certain bearing capacity. If the working surface is a relatively soft stratum, the supporting layer should be backfilled so that the site can carry the hydraulic DTH Drill Rig, and the cranes (above 25t), concrete filling trucks and other equipment for supporting construction can enter the site smoothly Operation: If the working surface is not level, it should be leveled according to the pile position and elevation, and the width and length of the steps should be sufficient for the operation of the rotary drilling rig and supporting equipment.

2. Water and electricity: When the crawler drilling rig enters the site for construction, the water and electricity (power and electricity) in the construction area are guaranteed. (1) The water supply is sufficient to meet the needs of construction slurry preparation; the drainage can meet the requirements and be connected to the allowable drainage channels (the discharged water meets the requirements for urban sewage discharge). (2) Electricity: The power electric energy carries 75kw, which is mainly used for mud pump, electric welding machine, and construction site lighting.

3. Spoil yard: Mainly address the location of mud waste disposal, such as mud wall protection. The mud waste disposal site needs to be drained for a period of time before it can be transported or used. In case of construction in rainy seasons, safety factors should be considered in the disposal location, Will not cause overflow, prevent debris flow from causing harm when the height difference is large.

4. There is no height limit below 4 meters and the requirement of load-bearing bridges and culverts below 40t along the road that the machinery must pass through to meet the equipment approach.