How to Prevent Turning Over of Rotary Drilling Rig?

Aug. 06, 2020

Small-scale drilling rigs are easier to operate than large-scale equipment. Many of them are one-way controlled, which is very easy to learn. However, we need to continue to accumulate experience in future construction. Drilling rigs are modern equipment that integrates electricity and hydraulics, and can flexibly choose different construction methods according to different construction environments. This requires the operator to make flexible judgments and understand various construction methods. The operation of the rotary drilling rig is simple, flexible, accurate, and intuitive, which can guarantee the quality requirements of the construction.

Crawler mounted drill rig rollover accidents are not uncommon. Most of them are caused by some mistakes caused by inattentive operators. Crawler Mounted Drill Rig Supplier will introduce measures to avoid rollovers and reduce our troubles Necessary loss.


1. When the rotary drilling rig arrives at the destination, organize the worksite, erect the rotary drilling rig's drill pipe, and install the drill bit.

2. After adjusting the drill rod to be vertical at the hole, put down the dozer and start drilling.


1. When adjusting the drill rod left and right vertically through the swing head operating rod, you need to operate the swing head operating rod lightly, and it cannot be pushed into place directly, otherwise, the fixed plate will be broken.

2. When the oil cylinder is pressurized, if the geology is too hard, slow pressurization is required, and continuous excessive pressurization will cause the oil cylinder to leak or bend.

Drilling Rigs

Drilling Rigs 

3. Frequently check the wire rope screws at the outer mouth of the drill pipe. If they are loose, tighten the upper and lower screws at the same time, otherwise, the wire rope will break.

4. Turning slowly when throwing soil, too fast, and unstable, it is easy to cause damage to the steering gear or other parts.

There are many reasons for crawler drilling rigs to roll over. Some are in work and some are in transportation. Reasonable avoidance can ensure our safety and property. When the rotary drilling rig is walking on narrow roads, it is necessary to ensure that the road has sufficient bearing capacity and sufficient width, and then walk through after making a judgment; to operate a crawler drilling rig, follow the operating regulations, and the crawler should be stretched before the drill rod is hung; the construction process If there is a sign of collapse in the middle, it must be dealt with in time before re-drilling; during the transportation of the DTH drill rig, the parking position of the pallet should be on flat and hard ground, and the pallet should not be passed when turning. Urgently, ensure the safe loading and unloading of the DTH drill rig. The DTH drill rig constantly adjusts the center of gravity of the drill according to the road conditions every time it walks, and the road conditions are not clear when traveling forward. The main role can be quickly lowered to let the drill bucket test the road.

How to prevent small multifunctional drilling rigs from overturning? Above we have summarized 5 preventive measures, which can greatly avoid rotary drilling rig rollover accidents and ensure our personal and property safety.