What is the maintenance of the track of water drilling rig?

Sep. 07, 2019

What is the maintenance of the track of water drilling rig?

The crawler of Water Well Drill Rig is composed of crawler plate and crawler pin. The track pin connects each track board to form the track link. The track plate has holes at both ends, meshing with the driving wheel, and induction teeth in the middle, used to normalize the track.

Introduction to track of water well drilling rig

The crawler of water well drilling rig is composed of crawler plate and crawler pin. The track pin connects each track board to form the track link. There are holes at both ends of the crawler plate, which meshes with the driving wheel, and induction teeth in the middle, which are used to normalize the crawler plate and prevent the crawler from falling off when steering by the well drilling machine. On the side in contact with the ground, there are reinforced anti-skid bars (referred to as patterns), so as to improve the solidity of the crawler plate and the adhesion between the crawler and the ground. Water drilling rig site also support sprocket, support heavy wheel, drive wheel and rail chain, etc..

Clean the track of water well drilling rig

When cleaning the water well drilling rig, the sludge on the lower walking body should be cleaned at the same time. After the operation, whether the operator should clean the sludge on the lower walking body while cleaning the cab, if there is sludge attached to the lower walking body. The inspection of the relevant parts cannot be carried out. Therefore, be sure to remove the sludge and inspect and maintain the lower body.

JKS500S Crawler Mounted Telescoping Mast Well Drillnig Rig

JKS500S Crawler Mounted Telescoping Mast Well Drillnig Rig

Track maintenance of water well drilling rig

In the construction process of rotary drilling machine, track tensioning should be adjusted according to the soil quality to deal with the difference of soil quality in different construction sites. It also extends the life of the machine. When the soil is soft, the track and rail link are easy to adhere to the soil. Therefore, the track should be adjusted slightly looser to prevent the abnormal stress on the rail link caused by the soil attachment. In the construction site full of pebbles, the track should also be adjusted slightly loose, so that when walking on the pebbles, the track plate can avoid bending. On firm, flat ground, it's best to set the tracks slightly tighter. Adjustment of track tensioning degree: if the track tensioning is too tight, the walking speed and walking power will decline. This will not only lead to a decrease in operating efficiency, but also cause abnormal wear due to excessive friction applied on the pin and bushing. In contrast, if the track is set too loose, the track rests loosely on the drive wheel and sprocket, causing more wear or damage. Moreover, when loose track drooping too much, it may come into contact with the frame and damage the frame. In this way, even if the lower part of the body is strengthened, if not correctly adjusted, it will also lead to the occurrence of unexpected failure.

Also pay attention to reducing wear during rotary water well drilling rigs for sale. The supporting sprocket wheel, supporting heavy wheel, driving wheel and rail chain joint are easy to wear parts, but, according to the implementation of daily inspection or not, there will be a large degree of difference. So, as long as a little time spent on proper maintenance, you can well control the wear and tear. If part of the support sprocket wheel and support wheel can not operate under the state of continued use, it may lead to roller wear, but also may cause rail chain wear. If the roller is found to be unable to work, it must be repaired immediately! In this way, other failures can be avoided. If you repeatedly walk on the inclined ground for a long time and suddenly turn, the side of the rail link will contact the side of the drive wheel and the guide wheel, thereby increasing the degree of wear. Accordingly, should avoid to walk in inclined zone and abrupt turn as far as possible. Straight line and big turn, can effectively prevent wear and tear.

Bolts and nuts should be carefully checked: when the machine is working for a long time, the bolts and nuts will loosen due to vibration of the machine. In particular, the bolts and nuts on the lower walking body are easily affected. If the bolts of the track plate loosen and the machine continues to operate, the gap between the bolts and the track plate will occur, which will lead to the crack of the track plate. In addition, the generation of clearance may also increase the bolt hole between the track and rail chain joints, leading to the serious consequences that the track and rail chain joints must be replaced when they cannot be tightened. Therefore, bolts and nuts should be checked and tightened regularly to reduce unnecessary costs.

Check and tighten the following parts: track plate bolts; Mounting bolts for supporting weight wheel and supporting sprocket wheel; Drive wheel mounting bolts; Walk piping bolts, etc. Areas that do not require maintenance should also be examined.

In a word, here the manufacturer reminds the operator to pay more attention to the track of rotary drilling rig, such as whether the bolts are loose? Are the supporting sprocket wheel and supporting wheel unable to rotate? Are there oil leakage in the supporting sprocket, supporting heavy wheel and driving wheel? Ignoring the above abnormal conditions will eventually lead to serious accidents. If the bolts are broken and the related parts are damaged and the supporting sprocket wheel or supporting heavy wheel is worn off, the maintenance cost will be greatly increased.