Logging overview

Apr. 19, 2019

Logging overview

Water Well Drilling Rigs Manufacturer shares that well logging is also called geophysical logging or petroleum logging. In oil drilling, well logging, also known as electrical well completion measurement, must be carried out after drilling to the designed depth of the well, so as to obtain various petroleum geological and engineering data as the original data of completion and development of oil fields. This type of logging is conventionally known as open hole logging. The two series logging after casing running is called production logging or development logging.

In the process of oilfield exploration and development, well logging is one of the important means to determine and evaluate oil and gas layers, and also an important means to solve a series of geological problems. It can directly provide the petroleum geology and the engineering technical personnel each kind of data and data.

The logging technique originated in the 1920s and was successfully used to measure formation resistivity for the first time in oil Wells. Its development has experienced four stages: analog logging, digital logging, numerical control logging and imaging logging.

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