What are the drilling construction steps?

Apr. 22, 2019

What are the drilling construction steps

Due to different factors such as drilling depth, soft and hard geology, pressure, well length and so on, the construction period varies from more than ten days to more than one year. The drilling process is also quite complex, and Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs Manufacturer will discuss only the more important ones.

1. Lower the pipe sleeve

Casing design is an important part of drilling. Any well will often encounter several different geological, depth or emergency conditions, production and development needs in the process of drilling, so it needs several layers of casing to protect the hole, in order to successfully drilling the target drilling.

A perforating well is one that is drilled to a certain depth or stratum and then drilled with a smaller bit. In the case of well 141, the first stage was drilled with 171/2" bit to 1,500 meters, and then with 133/8" surface casing, only 121/4" bit was used... And so on.

2. Drilling

To replace a blunt bit, or to prepare core samples, repair equipment, or to do other work in the well, the drill bit is lifted to the surface, the blunt old bit is removed, a new bit is selected, and in the reverse order when the drill is started, the drill is drilled down to the bottom of the original well.

The deeper the drilling, the more time it will take to drill, and the less time it will take to actually drill. Therefore, how to choose a good drill bit to increase the drilling progress, reduce The Times of drilling and shorten the construction period is also the responsibility of engineering personnel.

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