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How Do Hydraulic Tongs Work?

Apr. 16, 2019

How Do Hydraulic Tongs Work?

Water Well Drilling Rigs Manufacturer shares that crimping pliers by tank, power establishment, reversing valve, pressure relief valve, pump oil, institutions, oil pump body by the oil hole, high and low pressure oil pump body, eccentric shaft, eccentric bearing, driven gear and a pair of high pressure oil pump, and a low pressure oil pump, oil pump body suspended solid in the cap, high and low pressure oil out of the oil hole opening on the pump body, connected to the oil pressure relief valve, eccentric shaft longitudinally Settings, the upper central pivot in the pump body, the bottom is set eccentric bearing, driven gear fixed on the top of the eccentric shaft, and the dynamic mechanism, high and low pressure oil pump on the suspended solid in the pump body, each has a moving parts in contact with eccentric bearing, The pump cavities of the high and low pressure oil pumps are respectively communicated with the oil outlet holes of the high and low pressure oil pumps. The connection between the oil pump mechanism and the power mechanism is a vertical connection, which can make full use of the space and reduce the occupation area, which is conducive to the operation and transportation; The pump oil form of high and low pressure oil pump is changed into the acting form of eccentric bearing, which has the advantages of simple structure, few parts and convenient assembly.

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