The process of drilling with a percussive well

May. 05, 2019

The process of drilling with a percussive well

Water Well Drilling Rigs Exporter shares that a well is a structure consisting of a perforation through a water-bearing formation below the surface. The walls of a well are kept open by a lining or casing, usually made of plastic, metal or rock. The hole in the casing, called the shield, allows water to enter the well from which it is extracted. Wells can be dug by hand, drilled mechanically with hand or mechanical tools, or the casing can be driven underground to form holes as it penetrates. Hydraulics, hydrogeology and drilling methods are often too complex and extensive to be addressed in this manual. Irrigation experts who need to know more about Wells should refer to references 5,13, and 15. In this manual, some of the basic concepts of drilling are discussed. The construction of driving-only Wells and hand-drilling-only Wells is introduced in detail. These Wells are low cost and often provide enough water to irrigate garden-sized fields within 30 feet (10 meters) of the water table.

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Drilling method: percussion drilling

In a percussion drill, the heavy bit rises and falls repeatedly, gradually drilling through the earth. In rotary drilling, drilling is continuous scraping bit under constant pressure. As the drilling process progresses, the hole is cleaned, drilling fluid (mud), high-speed air, or in the case of a auger, mechanical lift through the auger.

Drilling with cable tools is one of the most common methods of percussion drilling. This is usually done by commercial drillers with mechanical equipment. However, in some countries, methods for manually raising and lowering the bit have been developed.

In a cable tool drill, the chisel face bit rises and falls repeatedly. The drill bit breaks and shatters the material. The slurry of water and chips formed by drilling is periodically removed through the tank. Water is added to the borehole as needed. In manual mode, the 40-80 kg bit is lifted and lowered by a tripod and pulley system operated by three to six people.

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