Principle of percussive drilling machine

Apr. 30, 2019

Principle of percussive drilling machine

Percussive rotary air percussion drilling is a common drilling technology used in exploration drilling, that is, in the search for minerals. Percussive rotary air drilling is also often used in mine water drilling and borehole drilling,such as the Water Well Drilling Rig.

Percussive rotary air impact (RAB) drilling technique

This drilling technique USES pneumatic pressure to push the steel bit into the ground to form a hole. It is a hammer-like process that easily penetrates rock to find minerals and ores. The bit used is hollow. Debris from the drilling process shoots off the ground and lands next to the machine. Unwanted material will fall to the surface next to the machine by using compressed air forced into the mine. This drilling method is not always the best method to use when exploring a borehole because the material to be sampled may be damaged when drilling from the ground. The percussive rotary blast drilling procedure is usually completed in one day.

Percussive rotary air jet drilling is an ideal method for drilling holes in hard materials such as rock. The percussive rotary blast drilling method can penetrate up to 25 meters. If a mining company wants to sample only a small fraction of the products they are mining, this method is simple and economical to use. When layers of rock at the top of the soil need to be analyzed for minerals, percussive rotatory air can be used to drill boreholes to break up the top rock, allowing the soil below to be detected.

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of percussive rotary air drilling?

The greatest advantage of percussive rotary air drilling is that it can be quickly and easily drilled through almost any type of rock.

The biggest disadvantage of percussive rotatory air drilling is that to use the machine effectively, it requires experienced operators, and when the machine can penetrate almost any type of rock, it cannot penetrate the steel-reinforced rock.

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