Notes for special vehicle maintenance of drilling rig

Jul. 02, 2019

Notes for special vehicle maintenance of drilling rig shared by the Truck Mounted Drilling Rig Supplier.

Maintenance is an effective means to restore the performance of special vehicles and extend their service life. However, in the actual operation process, some use and maintenance personnel have a lot of wrong practices, affecting the normal use of special vehicles.

1. You can't just add oil without changing it

Oil in the use of diesel engine is essential, mainly lubrication, cooling, cleaning and so on. Therefore, many drivers will pay attention to check the amount of lubricating oil and add it according to the standard, but ignore the quality of lubricating oil inspection and the replacement of the oil has deteriorated, resulting in some engine moving parts always operate in a poor lubrication environment, thus accelerating the wear of all parts. Under normal circumstances, oil consumption is not large, but it is easy to pollution, thus losing the protection of the diesel engine. During the operation of a diesel engine, a lot of dirt (carbon smoke, carbon and scale generated by incomplete combustion of fuel) will enter the oil. For the new or overhauled machinery, there will be more impurities after the test run, if only add not change, rush to put into use, it is easy to cause burning tile, holding shaft and other accidents. On the other

In addition, even if the oil is changed, some drivers will not thoroughly clean the oil passage due to lack of maintenance experience or save time, so that mechanical impurities still remain in the oil pan and oil circuit.

2. Don't spread the butter

(1) grease the cylinder mat. Butter is a grease commonly used in the repair of construction machinery, which can lubricate and seal. Therefore, some repairmen in the installation of cylinder gasket, the cylinder gasket will be coated with a layer of butter, that can increase the tightness of the diesel engine. However, this will affect the performance of the diesel engine. Cylinder gasket is the most important seal between the cylinder block and the cylinder head of the diesel engine, it can not only seal the high temperature and high pressure gas generated in the cylinder, but also can seal the cylinder head and the cooling water and lubricating oil in the cylinder block, so when disassembling and installing the cylinder gasket, we should pay special attention to its sealing quality. If installed in the cylinder MATS and butter, when the cylinder head bolt is tightened, part of the butter will be squeezed into the cylinder in the channel and the oil duct, stay in the cylinder gasket between the butter in cylinder work, due to the effect of high temperature, part will shed cylinder combustion, others remain in the combination of the cylinder block and cylinder head, cylinder pad, cylinder head and the body plane between aperture, high temperature and high pressure gas from impact cylinder pad, easily damaged cylinder pad, cause air leakage. In addition, butter in a high temperature for a long time will produce carbon deposition, resulting in premature aging of cylinder pad. Therefore, do not apply butter when installing cylinder pads.

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(2) grease the tire nut. In order to tighten the nuts and prevent corrosion, many repairmen oiled the bolts and nuts of the tires. This is actually a mistake. Because when the tire nut is tightened, there is a self-locking feature between the threads. This is because the screw Angle is less than the equivalent friction Angle between the threads. In a given bolt connection, the spiral rising Angle is a certain value, while the equivalent friction Angle varies with the friction state between the threads. Obviously, the equivalent friction Angle between threads decreases after oiling, and the self-locking performance of bolt joint becomes worse. Therefore, never grease or grease the bolts and nuts of tires. This, on the contrary, will loosen the nut and even cause an accident.

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