Knowledge of downhole drill maintenance

Jun. 29, 2019

Knowledge of downhole drill maintenance shared by DTH Drill Rig Manufacturer.

I. unit installation:

1. Prepare the drilling space, which can be determined according to the type and method of drilling.

2. Draw the gas and water (when water is needed for dust removal) pipelines and lighting lines to the working point for use.

3. Ensure the reliable positioning of drilling rig according to the requirements of hole position design.

Ii. Inspection before operation:

1. When starting to work, carefully check whether the air and water pipes (when water is needed for dust removal) are firmly connected, especially the connection between the air and water pipes must be firmly connected to prevent injury caused by tripping, and no leakage of air and water is allowed in each connection.

2, check whether the oil mist is already filled (should not be too full).

3. Check whether the screws, nuts, joints and other parts have been tightened and whether the positioning is firm and reliable.

Iii. Drilling procedure and pole unloading method:

1. When open hole, start with small impact, propulsion, and the low speed drilling, so that the drill bit positioning, (need to dust, to appropriate water to reduce dust) drill bit drilling 10 centimeters or so, with full throttle, and appropriately increase the propulsive force, improve the speed, (when the dust gets water mixture keep appropriate ratio), make the normal drilling work, drilling through a pipe to stop the wind motor operation and stop to the impacter plenum to send water, fork inserted into the groove of the soldering machine, drill pipe, make the wind motor reversal, slide backward, make joint release with drill, then the second drill pipe drilling, so work continuously.

DTH Drill Rig Manufacturer

2. Pole unloading method: the pole unloading of the drill pipe is semi-automatic, which is realized by the combination of pole unloading device, brazing device, two forks and the reversal of the wind motor. Unloading rod, the rotary engine back when the second slot pipe (drill pipe joint end on drill pipe in the middle of slot) and four boxes are pair of brazing, use a fork stuck in the second slot, then reverse the motor, four box when unloading rod and the pipe first groove (drill pipe joint end on drill pipe end groove) is pair, with the second fork stuck, take out the first fork (Joe bit four box fork), manipulation of the cylinder, to drive the drill pipe (one-way of unloading rod device, when the second drill pipe of the second tank of bending soldering machine, reversing motor, when the two pipe screw off after the first drill pipe, so in order to unload the drill pipe.

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