What Happens When Hydraulic Drilling Rigs Use Emulsified Hydraulic Fluid?

Sep. 28, 2023

The emulsification of hydraulic fluid is the deterioration of hydraulic fluid. The use of emulsified hydraulic oil will have a very serious impact on the hydraulic system of hydraulic drilling rigs, which is called the "white blood disease" of hydraulic drilling rigs.

Hydraulic Drilling Rigs


Performance of hydraulic oil emulsification

If you find that the hydraulic components of the hydraulic column drilling rig are weak, there are obvious bubbles in the oil tank and the oil temperature is too hot, it is recommended to open the oil tank cover to check whether the oil is white, if it is white and emulsified, it is recommended to clean the pipeline and replace the pure hydraulic oil immediately. Can no longer use emulsified hydraulic oil, "white blood disease" will really ruin the hydraulic drilling rig!


The danger of emulsified hydraulic oil to hydraulic drilling rigs

Hydraulic fluid emulsification is the deterioration of the hydraulic fluid. The use of emulsified hydraulic oil will have a very serious impact on the hydraulic drilling rig hydraulic system, which will cause great damage to the hydraulic column drilling rig. In addition to the long-term impact on the life of the rig, the deteriorated hydraulic oil will also have a very serious impact on the function of the hydraulic components, which is called the "white blood disease" of the hydraulic drilling rig.


Why does hydraulic oil become emulsified?

The main reason for the emulsification of hydraulic oil in hydraulic drilling rigs is that water is mixed into the hydraulic oil. When water enters the pump station and comes into contact with the hydraulic oil, the interaction between the water molecules makes the water suspended in the hydraulic oil as a large mass of water. Then after the high pressure of the hydraulic system, the water mass decomposes into water molecules evenly dispersed around the hydraulic oil molecules. After a certain time of oxidation and deterioration, the hydraulic fluid will become white emulsified.


In summary, the use of emulsified hydraulic oil will cause the hydraulic drilling rig system failure and affect the normal operation of the equipment. When using a hydraulic column drilling rig, be sure to fill it with pure anti-wear hydraulic oil that meets the requirements of the grade as required, and check the oil regularly. We are a Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig Manufacturer, please feel free to contact us if you need them.