Daily Maintenance of DTH Drilling Rig in Winter(1)

Sep. 22, 2021

DTH Drilling Rig

Good maintenance and repair methods will extend the service life of the DTH drilling rig, but improper maintenance and repair mistakes can cause great damage to the machinery. Here we share a winter DTH drilling rig maintenance guide.


Maintenance of fuel system

1. Adjust the fuel supply advance angle

According to the winter characteristics, appropriate adjustment of the diesel engine oil supply advance angle, to facilitate the smooth start of the diesel engine, reduce wear and fuel consumption.

2. Replace diesel fuel at the right time

After the winter temperature is lower than 0℃, the diesel oil viscosity increases, the liquidity becomes poor, easy to wax, atomization and poor combustion, which leads to the diesel engine stability, power, economic decline. In order to make the diesel engine can start smoothly in winter, should replace the diesel fuel with a lower freezing point. The choice of diesel fuel, its freezing point should be 5 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature.

3. Maintenance of other parts

When maintenance, should also thoroughly clean all the filters, replace the fuel filter, release the oil-water separator of the sewage to clean it at the same time to check the work of the oil pump, to eliminate the potential for accidents.


Eliminate hydraulic system leakage

In the winter, construction machinery hydraulic system seals appear thermal expansion and contraction phenomenon is likely to cause leakage, especially the installation of O-shaped and rubber ring and other sealing parts in the temperature continues to fall below 0 ℃ after the phenomenon of oil leakage may occur. In order to avoid leakage failure of the hydraulic system, before entering the winter to carry out a systematic inspection of the seals of the hydraulic system, timely replacement of leaking parts of the seals.


DTH Drilling Rig

DTH Drilling Rig

Maintenance of electrical equipment

1. Battery

Check the battery electrode wiring. If found that the electrode wiring green oxide, the application of boiling water, and compressed air blowing in the water, and then coated with a special protective agent to prevent the re-emergence of the oxide layer, winter should often charge the battery, in addition, to prevent the battery from freezing and start performance, winter can be made to the battery and install a laminated insulation box to improve the battery temperature.

2. Preheating device

Diesel engine with preheating device, before winter maintenance personnel should be preheating equipment for an inspection and maintenance, to ensure that the technical condition is good, to check the preheating device circuit and oil circuit, and to prevent the circuit and oil circuit work poor surface affect the diesel engine starting performance.

3. Starter and generator

In winter, diesel engines are difficult to start, and the starter is used frequently. If the starter power is insufficient, will further increase the difficulty of the diesel engine starting. This should be thorough maintenance of the starter, to keep all parts of the starter clean, dry, keep the brush and commutator contact between good.


Maintenance of the cooling system

1. Check the thermostat and insulation device

If the diesel engine often low-temperature operation, will cause poor fuel atomization, fuel dripping into the cylinder and scouring the cylinder wall, will lead to a decline in lubricant viscosity and diesel engine wear intensified for this should check the thermostat working condition, to prevent the diesel engine water temperature is too low or too high should also check whether the louvers work well, if necessary to the radiator and other parts of the installation of anti-freeze device.

2. Replace and add antifreeze

If the diesel engine has been using antifreeze, check whether the antifreeze in the water tank is lower than the standard line. The antifreeze replacement cycle is generally 2 years, when the antifreeze appears cloudy, deterioration, foaming, and other conditions should be replaced in a timely manner. When replacing the antifreeze, you should choose a long-lasting antifreeze that is lower than the minimum temperature of 10℃ in the area of use and has winter antifreeze, summer anti-boiling, anti-corrosion, and water scale. When adding antifreeze, the same type of antifreeze should be added, not mixed with antifreeze.

3. The disposal of cold diesel engines

Summer with water-cooled diesel engine, it is best to use scale cleaner to clean the diesel engine water jacket to prevent excessive scale accumulation, affecting the diesel engine heat, radiator once found in the sediment accumulation should be immediately removed, and then timely replacement of qualified antifreeze, to avoid the flow of sudden bags caused by the cylinder block freeze crack.


From now on don't just complain that your machine is not working well, it's important to properly maintain your machine to give you better returns! We are a DTH Drilling Rig Supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.