What are the reasons that affect the drilling speed of highway drillers?

Apr. 02, 2019

What are the reasons that affect the drilling speed of highway drillers?

Most people think, highway Hydraulic Crawler Drills machine drilling speed is not fast is to see the speed of the drill pipe rolling? The faster the drill pipe rolls, the faster the hole can be drilled. Actually otherwise, highway bores machine bores fast fast relevant with the rotate speed of drill pipe is not very big, contrary, if drill pipe rotate speed is too fast, the speed that may affect to drill hole and quality. So what are the factors that affect the drilling speed of highway drillers?

1. Torsion force of drilling equipment of highway drilling machine

Want to say to should be the torsion force of the drilling equipment of our highway drilling machine above all, torsion force chose the rate that bore a hole, on a few hard pavement, if torsion force cannot, drill apparently do not move. But the torque was so strong that it could have crushed the shoulder. So appropriate torsion is the key element that affects drilling speed.

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2. Air compressor supply satisfactory air volume

Crawler Mounted Pneumatic Drill Rig in drilling hole, the air compressor to supply satisfactory air volume is needed to discharge, if discharge is not smooth, drilling speed is not up, so satisfied the size of the air compressor is necessary, and there is also a role is to make the air compressor is homework, if air pressure is too big, can lead to impact wear even severe damage, wind pressure of cent, impact device impact is weak, and can also affect the drilling speed.

3. Medium air pressure impactor

Said to impact, the general deploying impact is high impact and the impact of low air pressure, wind pressure foundation are universal, the impact of our highway drilling machine using the wind pressure impactor is less common type, but because of the particularity of drilling, the wind hit the bottom son only for highway drilling machine, such as 110 shock and 130 impact, is the impact of the highway drilling machine is special. This type of impactor is also a factor affecting the drilling speed, according to the size of the hole and geological conditions to choose the type of impactor, generally we will recommend suitable type of impactor to be equipped.

These three primary factors that affect the speed of the highway guardrail drilling machine are selected by the equipment itself. The external factors are the geological condition, the operator's understanding of the equipment, the proficiency of the operation and so on, which also affect the drilling speed of the highway drilling machine