How Is the Well Rig Maintained?

Mar. 19, 2020

1. The track of water well drilling rig is composed of track plate and track pin.The crawler pin is connected to the crawler plate to form a crawler connection. There are holes at both ends of the track plate, meshing with the driving wheel, and guide teeth in the middle to straighten the track. The well drill prevents the track from falling off when turning. On the side in contact with the ground, there is a reinforced anti-skid rib (referred to as pattern) to improve the robustness of the track plate and the adhesion between the track and the ground. Well drilling RIGS also have supporting wheels, supporting wheels, driving wheels and rail connections.

When cleaning the water well drill rig, the sludge on the lower walking body should be cleaned at the same time. After the completion of the operation, if there is sludge on the lower walking body, whether the driver also cleans the sludge on the lower walking body when cleaning the cab.Its associated parts cannot be inspected. Therefore, be sure to remove this sludge and inspect and maintain the walking body below.

2. During the construction of the maintenance rotary drilling rig for the crawler of the well drilling rig, the crawler tension should be adjusted according to the soil quality to adapt to the differences in the soil quality of different construction sites. This can also extend the service life of the machine. When the soil is soft, the track and the track joint tend to adhere to the soil.Therefore, the track should be slightly loosened to prevent abnormal stresses on the track connection due to soil adhesion. In a construction site full of pebbles, the track should also be slightly loose, so that the track plate will not bend as the pebbles walk.When the ground is solid and flat, it is best to tighten the tracks slightly.

Water Well Drilling Rig

Water Well Drilling Rig

Adjustment of track tension: if the track tension is too large, the travel speed and driving force will be reduced.This will not only reduce work efficiency, but also lead to abnormal wear due to excessive friction on pins and bushing.Conversely, if the track is too loose, the track will loosen on the driving wheel and bracket sprocket, resulting in greater wear or damage.In addition, when the loose track droop too large, may come into contact with the frame and damage the frame.In this way, even if the strengthened lower body is not adjusted correctly, it will lead to unexpected failure.Attention should be paid to reduce wear and tear during rotary drilling.Supporting wheels, rollers, driving wheels, and rail connections are all easily worn parts, but vary widely depending on the implementation of routine inspections.Therefore, as long as a little maintenance, can well control its wear.

If some supporting sprockets and rollers do not work, it may lead to roller wear and rail ring wear.If you find the roller doesn't work, you must repair it immediately!This prevents other failures.If you walk on the sloping ground repeatedly for a long time and turn suddenly, the side of the rail connection will contact with the side of the driving wheel and guide wheel, thus increasing the degree of wear.Therefore, try to avoid walking in the inclined area and turning suddenly.Straight lines and big turns can effectively prevent wear and tear.

Water well drilling rigs supplier recommend: carefully check bolts and nuts: bolts and nuts loosen due to machine vibration when the machine is working for a long time.Especially the bolts and nuts on the lower walking body are easily affected.If the machine continues to operate when the crawler plate bolts are loose, there will be a gap between the bolt and the crawler plate, resulting in the crawler plate crack.Moreover, clearance may also increase the bolt hole between track and track connector, resulting in the serious consequence that track and track connector cannot be fastened and must be replaced.Therefore, bolts and nuts should be inspected and tightened regularly to reduce unnecessary costs.The following parts shall be inspected and tightened: crawler plate bolts;Mounting bolts for drum and sprocket;Driving wheel mounting bolts;Running pipe bolts, etc.Areas that do not require maintenance should also be inspected.