Maintenance Knowledge of Small Dth Drilling Rig

Mar. 10, 2020

I. Installation of DTH drill rig:

1. The size of the rock drilling space preparation space can be determined according to the type and method of drilling.

2. Bring gas water near the point of use (if water and dust removal is needed), pipes, lighting circuits, etc.

3. Hole position According to the design requirements, we guarantee the stable positioning of the rig.

Second, check before operation:

1. When starting work, please carefully check whether the gas and water (if water and dust removal) pipes are tightly connected, especially if the Fengshui pipe joint and the Fengshui pipe are tightly connected to prevent tripping. You should check for injuries and not allow all joints to leak .

2. Make sure the oil mist is full of organic oil (not too much).

3. Check whether the screws, nuts, joints, etc. of each part of the small-scale down-hole drilling rig for photovoltaic piles are tightened, and that the positions are firm and firm.

3. Drilling work procedures and rod removal methods:

1. When opening the hole, first drill the hole with low impact energy, thrust and low speed so that the drill bit can be easily placed first (if dust removal is required, please provide enough water). Reduce dust) When drilling a drill bit of about 10 cm, use a complete shock absorber to dampen shocks, increase propulsion and increase speed (when dust removal is required, maintain a proper gas-to-water mixture ratio). After drilling the drill pipe, stop the operation of the wind motor and stop supplying air and water to the impactor. Insert the fork into the drill pipe slot of the bracket, turn the wind motor, push the slider backward, and then remove the joint from the drill pipe. Then connect a second drill pipe for drilling to work continuously.

2. Unloading method of small down-hole drill: The unloading method of the drill pipe is semi-automatic. When the lever is removed, the rotating machine moves backward. If the second groove of the drill pipe (the groove of the male joint of the drill pipe is close to the center of the drill pipe) is exactly opposite to the four corners of the bracket, please insert the second groove with a fork and reverse it. If it is the unloader's quadrangle and the first groove of the drill pipe (the end groove of the drill pipe joint is near the end of the drill pipe), insert it with the second fork and remove the first fork. On the front fork of the frame) to operate the propelling cylinder, so that the rod shifter drives the drill rod again. When the second slot of the second drill pipe is aligned with the holder slot, the motor reverses. After disconnecting, remove the first drill pipe and then separate each drill pipe in turn.

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Dth Drill Rig

Dth Drill Rig