Do You Know DTH Drilling Rig?

Aug. 18, 2021

dth drilling rig

DTH Drilling Rig


The down-the-hole drill is usually called DTH by most professionals, and it is screwed into the bottom of the down-the-hole drill by a small jackhammer. DTH is an abbreviation for down-the-hole. Because the down-the-hole drilling method was originally developed for drilling large-diameter holes down from the surface. Another reason is that the impact mechanism follows the drill bit into the hole. Later, the application of the underground DTH method was discovered, in which the drilling direction is generally upward rather than downward. A Down-the-hole hammer is one of the fastest methods for drilling hard rock and land. The down-the-hole drill rig quickly hammers the hard rock to break it into small pieces and dust, and the down-the-hole hammer is blown away by the exhaust air. Now portable drilling rigs with down-the-hole hammers can drill as fast as those larger truck rigs as technology is updated and developed.


Working Principle

The down-the-hole hammer drill is composed of a cylinder liner and a piston. The high-pressure air provided by the air compressor drives the piston to reciprocate up and down, which enhances the ability of the drill bit to drill into the rock formation. At the same time, the drilling tool rotates at a relatively low speed of 35-60 rpm. The air discharged from the upper and lower cavities of the piston enters the drill bit and carries the bottom cuttings out of the wellhead. The down-the-hole hammer drill can be used to drill deep wells in hard rock formations, with high drilling speed and straight boreholes.


Uses of Drilling

The drilling process is a very wide and dynamic industrial process. Apart from extracting natural resources like water, there are other resources too which are obtained and preserved through the drilling process. This various resource includes :




6.Construction footings

9.Restoration related materials

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