DTH Drilling Rig: Daily Storage of Downhole Drilling Tools

Dec. 06, 2023

Storage of drilling tools during downtime is an issue that is often overlooked. In fact, the preservation of equipment and drilling tools is very important for the use of the equipment. In this article, we will talk about the daily storage of drilling tools.


JK650 All In One DTH Drilling Rig

Basic steps for the daily storage

1. Blow the air. Remove the water from the inside of the drill pipe. At the same time, open the lubricating device of the drill pipe, in principle, it is appropriate to see the lubricating oil of the drill pipe at the bottom of the drill pipe.

2. The outside of the drill pipe, including the threaded part and the main part of the drill pipe, must be wiped clean. At the same time, a rubber cap should be added to the male and female joint parts to prevent contaminants from entering. The rubber cap is small and cheap, but it can greatly reduce the failure of the impactor caused by contamination.


Preservation and reactivation of the impactor

Short-term storage

1. blowing to remove any moisture from the impactor.

2. filling with 1 liter of brazing oil from the upper joint section.

3. turn on the air and blow for about 10 seconds, which will adequately lubricate the internal parts of the impactor.

4. as with the drill pipe, put rubber caps on the upper and lower joints respectively.

5. Place the impactor horizontally in a dry environment.

Long-term storage

1. Blow the air to remove the moisture from the impactor.

2. Loosen the upper and lower joints and disassemble the impactor.

3. inspect, wipe all internal parts, preferably in a clean room for this work.

4. lubricate all parts moderately with a suitable lubricant.

5. assemble the impactor and cover the upper and lower joints with rubber caps.

6. Place the impactor horizontally, in a dry environment.

To reactivate the impactor, the following three steps are required

1. Disassemble the impactor and test all the internal parts. If you find some parts oxidized on the surface, you need to polish the oxidized parts moderately with sandpaper.

If you do not test and directly put it into use, it is likely to cause premature failure of the impactor.

2. Clean the parts, wipe them clean and lubricate them.

3. The cleaned and lubricated parts, assembled into the impactor, can be put into use.


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