Daily Maintenance of DTH Drilling Rig in Winter(2)

Oct. 13, 2021

DTH Drilling Rig

Good maintenance and repair methods will extend the service life of the DTH drilling rig, but improper maintenance and repair mistakes can cause great damage to the machinery. Here we share a winter construction machinery maintenance guide.


Replace the engine oil

When winter comes, the summer oil viscosity increases, the fluidity becomes poor, friction resistance increases, crankshaft rotational resistance becomes larger, piston and cylinder liner wear increases, diesel engine starting difficulties, affecting the power and fuel economy of construction machinery, so to replace the fluidity of the winter oil replacement oil, try to use high-quality oil. In the high temperature is not easy to oxidation, will not form deposits in the diesel engine precision parts, can greatly extend the life of the diesel engine.


Maintain the brake system

1. Check the brake condition

Check whether the brake has become weak, runaway, brake pedal strength is normal, and whether the brake does not return to the phenomenon, if necessary, should be adjusted.

2. Check and replace the brake fluid

Check whether the brake fluid reservoir level meets the requirements, check whether the brake fluid quality has deteriorated? If necessary, it should be added or replaced in a timely manner. Brake fluid replacement must first be all the original brake fluid discharge, and then the winter with high-quality brake fluid into the brake system. When replacing the brake fluid, you must pay attention not to mix the 2 different types of brake fluid.

3. Check the oil and water separator

The oil and water separator in the gas circuit, the dirt release switch works properly, can ensure that the brake system pipeline moisture is discharged in a timely manner, to prevent the brake pipeline freezing failure in winter. Therefore, the oil-water separator and dirt release switch should be checked to see if they are working properly, and if they are not, they should be repaired or replaced in time.


DTH Drilling Rig

Chassis and other maintenance items

Check the chassis bolts, nuts tightening situation, check the steering system bolts are not loose or missing. If loose should be tightened, if missing should be matched and tightened, check the chassis lubrication points, and grease the lubrication points, if the inspection of the chassis on the pipeline leakage should be resolved in a timely manner. If the chassis paint is serious, should be sprayed on anti-corrosion treatment inspection, etc., to maintain its effective operation.

For different engineering machinery and equipment, in fact, in terms of maintenance is more or less the same, in place of construction machinery maintenance to a certain extent can extend the service life of the equipment, in a way, this is a way to save money.


From now on don't just complain that your machine is not working well, it's important to properly maintain your machine to give you better returns! We are a DTH Drilling Rig Supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.