How to Use Air Compressors in the Mining Industry?

Sep. 21, 2023

Mining is done in harsh conditions, with mining processes running 24/7 - often in remote areas more than a dozen kilometers from the nearest town. The two key pieces of equipment used to drive these processes are air compressors and low-pressure blowers.


The entire mining process, from exploration to ore processing, smelting, and refining, uses some form of compressed air.

Atlas Copco Air Compressor

Atlas Copco Air Compressor



On drilling equipment, compressed air powers a rotating drill bit, which acts similarly to a hand-held drill.



or piping located at the bottom of the storage tank brings compressed air into the tank. Small holes are placed throughout the tank to ensure uniform air distribution.


Smelting and Refining

Metal is extracted from ore by a process of melting and heating. This usually occurs in processing plants/smelting plants near mining operations and uses air compressors throughout the end-to-end process. However, refining is the process of improving the purity/grade of the metal extracted from the ore and other raw materials. During the refining process, compressed air helps in oxidizing any other alloys so that no material is wasted.


Tools and Instruments

The pneumatic tools used in mining require clean, dry air (supplied by an air compressor) to work. This ensures that drills, pneumatic loaders, saws, wrenches, and other critical equipment are functioning properly. The same applies to mining instruments!



Want to break up rock and other materials? One solution to this problem is to strictly control the use of explosives. Compressed air helps in this process by providing high-velocity airflow to detonate explosives.


Ventilation systems

Ever wonder how miners can safely breathe deep underground? Compressed air not only provides ventilation for deep mining operations but also ensures that safe and clean air is available in places such as shelters in case of emergency.


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