How Does a Water Well Drilling Rig Increase Productivity?

Feb. 21, 2024

1. After the drill bit of the hydraulic water well drilling rig is drilled into the structure, the center drilling tool needs to be replaced in time. First, you need to clean the bottom of the hole, and then blow away the residue at the bottom of the hole. After the bit stops rotating, drill the bit on the hydraulic water well drilling rig. It is most suitable for slowly increasing the lifting force, which can just lift the drill bit.

2. Summarize the drilling process of the hydraulic water well drilling rig. It is also necessary to pay close attention to the subsequent working conditions of the casing, to understand the specific situation of the wellbore in time, to clean up the borehole in time, and to drill the bit on the water well drilling rig. During this process, it is strictly forbidden to hoist.

3. At the bottom of the hydraulic water well drilling rig, there will be more residues. The eccentric drill bit will be stuck by the slag, which affects the collection and production of the slag. At this time, compressed air needs to be sent again to clean the holes. And make the DTH hammer work for a short time, then model the water well drilling rig, and then carry out the lifting work of the center drill.

Water Well Drill Rig

Hydraulic drilling rig operating system and matters needing attention

Since the motion system of the pocket machine is different from any operating state and operating characteristics of each device, it is divided into three parts, a rotating system, a circulatory system, and a circulatory system. In this way, it is completely a system.

(1) Correspondingly seal the open gas, liquid, and water pipes, and keep the inside of the channel and the joints clean to prevent foreign matter from entering.

(2) When removing the fastener, please clamp the clip, attach a label or put it in a special box.

(3) Separately packaged spirals are packaged separately to avoid mixing of high-strength spirals and other spirals.

(4) If the software of the air system is degreased, the problem with the water well drilling rig is to clean the plastic packaging by tightening the outside of each pipe, scraping off the screws, and keeping the inside of the pipe clean.

(5) When disassembling or hanging, be careful not to damage the machine.

(6) When placed in a remote place or stored for a long time, it will not be exposed to rain, moisture, and pollution, ready for packaging.

(7) All liquids (oil, water) in the equipment are used to dry the emission.