JKZ1000 pile foundation drilling machine reloaded!

Jun. 01, 2019

JKZ1000 pile-base drilling machine is a new type supplied by Water Well Drilling Rigs Supplier, it is high-efficiency, multi-function hydraulic drilling machine, equipped with high-power diesel engine, heavy hydraulic motor, suitable for large-aperture pile-base operation, is the replacement of rotary drilling into the new weapon!

Power plant: 

The power system adopts 160KW engine to drive large displacement plunger pump with strong power and stable performance. Air filter is composed of air pre-filter, air fine filter and three-stage filter, which can effectively protect the normal operation of the engine in bad conditions.

JKZ1000 pile foundation drilling machine reloaded!

Back to the corner: 

Four rotary hydraulic motors are installed in the rotary machine to drive the rotary gearbox. Through gear reduction, the rotary spindle reaches the rotation speed suitable for rotary drilling, and the output torque is greatly increased to complete the rotary feed and connecting and unloading rod. The turning machine organically combines the sliding frame and turning machine through the rotary slide, so that the large lifting force of the sliding frame is transferred to the turning machine through the rotary slide, so as to complete the lifting, receiving and unloading of drill tools.

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