How To Maintain Water Well Drill Rig?

Dec. 11, 2019

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(1) protect the filter element. The function of the filter element is to filter the residual impurities in the oil and gas lines and prevent the impurities from entering the system.Various filter elements should be replaced regularly.When replacing the filter element, pay attention to check whether the old filter element is attached to metal debris.If metal particles are found, you should use a pure filter element that complies with machine rules for rapid diagnosis and an improved method.

(2) different diesel oils should be selected according to different ambient temperatures. Impurities, lime soil and water should not be mixed with diesel oil. The bad quality of the water well drilling rigs can damage the fuel pump, and the defective fuel contains very high levels of ash and sulfur.It can cause damage to the engine.After daily operation, the tank should be filled with fuel to avoid water droplets on the tank wall.Please close the waterproof valve of the oil tank before working every day.

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Water Well Drill Rig

(3) the use of lubricating oil (butter) can reduce the wear on the moving surface and avoid noise. Care should be taken not to mix with dust, sand, water and other impurities when storing and storing the lubricant. Before the production of the water well drill rig, it is necessary to make preparations and lay the foundation to ensure the stable and efficient production of the well drilling rig.The production preparation of the well drilling rig is divided into several steps, which are: well location, road repair, well site leveling, foundation laying, installation, etc. Flat well site in order to smooth out around the mouth of the well is the main purpose of a site, so you can better water well drilling rig construction production, about the size of well site is the size of the water well drilling rig, large water well drilling rig need larger venues, small water well drilling rig, you will need to smaller venues make location function is according to the requirements on the geological or production, used to determine the water well drill shaft axis of the body or at the bottom of the well location. The foundation is to make the well drill better production, in order to ensure that there is no abnormal sound in the construction of the well drill, it is more necessary to lay a good production foundation, in order to ensure the safety and stability of production, installation is in accordance with the well drill need to establish a bidding, install the well drill drilling equipment.

How does the deep well equipment maintain the hydraulic system?Now let's have a look.

(1) pollution of hydrophobic oil

This is to absorb external self-oxidizing air, water, tracked well drillers sold, dust and undissolved sediment, which is the relative damage of liquid lubricants.It improves the chemical stability of the ring oil, promotes the formation of oxides, and solves the decomposition of organic matter in the oil at a rate of more than 75%.The tank has been properly sealed and regular cleaning and replacement of oil is prohibited to prevent oil stains and aging.

(2) unnecessary hot oil

If the oil temperature in the hydraulic system is too high, the oil viscosity decreases, leakage increases, volume efficiency decreases, oil speed becomes unstable, oil denaturation, oil aging.To ensure that there is sufficient circulating cooling oil in the system, the correct oil content in the tank must be observed.

(3) positioning and small formation benefit and formation change input force, bevel Angle, forced pressure, crawler well rig purchase, geological dip Angle, crawler well rig, longitudinal difference, formation anisotropy index, geological direction difference index generally speaking, force can guide the use of directional formation change.The force moves the ground toward the ground.When the orientation and direction of the local strata are the same, the azimuth of the strata is zero.

(4) the forced mechanical power increases in direct proportion to the pressure.