Eight Air Compressor Glitch That Makes Customers Angry

Jan. 17, 2019

The most common maintenance in daily maintenance is some basic maintenance. According to the description of several air compressor engineers, the most common eight types of faults and basic maintenance plans in daily life are summarized by Air Compressor Supplier as follows:

1. Air compressor can't start

First check for control voltage. If not, check if the fuses are intact. If there is control voltage, check if the control relay and time relay are running normally.

2. The air compressor is not starting smoothly

After a few seconds of starting up, it will automatically stop from the electrical side, such as whether the automatic air switch starts to jump, whether the voltage is normal, and whether the intake butterfly valve is closed.

3. Sullair Air Compressor is not supplied with air

Check whether the control cylinder has any action. If there is any action, check the butterfly valve for mechanical failure. If there is no fault, check whether the loading solenoid has suction. After removing the mechanical failure of the solenoid valve and the coil fault, check the sub-circuit of the solenoid valve one by one.

4. Air compressor exhaust pressure is too low

First, check the pressure before and after the separation, whether the manual valve and the regulating solenoid valve are leaking; then check whether the gas pipeline is leaking, whether the butterfly valve is fully open, whether the air intake regulator is working properly, whether the solenoid valve is leaking, and whether the pressure switch needs to be Readjust and so on.

5. Air compressor inlet injection and shutdown

First check if the piston and spool of the oil shut-off valve are stuck and the mechanical part is normal. If it is normal, check the check valve and reassemble or replace it.

6. Air compressor exhaust temperature is too high

The exhaust gas temperature is generally between 80 and 95 °C. If there is not enough oil to cool, it will cause the temperature to be too high and cause a malfunction. First check whether the ambient temperature, compressor oil, oil level, oil quality, cooling fan, etc. are normal; then check if the oil cooler and aftercooler are clean, the temperature control valve components, the oil shutoff solenoid valve voltage and the valve body part Whether it is normal, if there is diaphragm damage, temperature control spool does not work, etc., need to be replaced; finally check whether the oil filter is dirty or need to be replaced.

7. Air compressor fuel consumption is large

Check if the oil content of the condensate discharged from the trap is too large, whether the compressor oil level is high, whether the minimum pressure valve opening pressure is normal, whether the oil return pipe is blocked, and whether the oil separation core is blocked. The above problems will affect fuel consumption and should be dealt with in a timely manner.

8. Automatic stop during air compressor operation

First, check if the machine is normal and stop automatically; then check if the automatic switch and the thermal relay are moving, whether the cooling fan motor is stopped, or the exhaust temperature is too high, or the pressure is too high, and the motor voltage is normal.

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