What Are The Precautions During The Installation Of Hydraulic Drilling Rigs?

Jun. 25, 2021

What Are The Precautions During The Installation Of Hydraulic Drilling Rigs?

1. The operation of hydraulic drilling rigs must undergo special training, strict assessment, and certain work experience to obtain qualification certificates.

2. Hydraulic drilling rigs must master the operating requirements and comprehensive maintenance knowledge of the drilling rig, and have considerable troubleshooting experience.

3. For marine drilling rigs, safety inspections must be carried out. The drilling rig must be complete, the cables must not leak, and there is five damage to the drill pipe and drilling tools.

4. The hydraulic drilling rig should be installed stably, turning or ramps should be slowed down and fixed with steel wires.

5. When entering the construction site, the hydraulic drilling rig should be fixed, the drilling area should be larger than the drilling rig, and there should be enough safe space around.

6. When drilling, strictly follow the location, orientation, angle, and depth of the hole. Hydraulic drilling rigs cannot be modified without authorization.

7. When installing the drill pipe, check the hydraulic rig to ensure that the drill pipe is not blocked, bent, and the wire mouth is not worn. It is strictly forbidden to use unqualified drill pipes.

8. When loading and unloading drill bits, strictly prevent pipe clamps from clamping hard alloy parts, and strictly prevent flat drill bits and core tubes.

9. When installing the drill pipe, the first root must be installed first, and then the second root.

10. When using clean water drilling, a water supply is not allowed before drilling. When the water returns, it can be drilled. Ensure that there is sufficient flow, no dry holes are allowed, and the amount of rock power should be increased in the holes. After the actual punching, you can stop punching.

11. The distance should be accurately measured during the drilling process. Generally, the drill pipe must be measured every 10 meters or when the drilling tool is changed to confirm the hole depth.

12. Whether there is an over-temperature phenomenon, such as gearbox, bushing, vertical shaft gear, etc., without abnormal sound. If you find a problem, stop immediately, find out the cause, and deal with it in time.

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