JK590C is working on a road project in He Bei province

Aug. 20, 2019

Not only mining and quarrying, JK590C also works incredibly well in construction. This JK590C is working on a road project in He Bei province.

The JK590C/JK590 Crawler Mounted Hydraulic DTH Drilling Rig is a new generation of internal combustion (electric) crawler hydraulic downhole drill, the latest update of the JK590 series.

Compared with the previous generation of products, they have lower operating costs and user-friendly design.

They use a 70kW yuchai diesel engine and a hydraulic pump station to assemble and generate electricity, enabling the rig to rotate, propel, lift, walk and position at angles.

During operation, only the hammer consumes compressed air. The JK590C/JK590 energy consumption (oil or electricity) is reduced by about 40% to 50% compared with traditional pneumatic drilling RIGS, and the air displacement of matched air compressor is reduced by 30% to 50%.

Compared to the JK590, the JK590C is also equipped with a dust collection system and can be equipped with a wet dust collector once water is available on site.

JK590C/JK590 is mainly used in hydraulic engineering, open-pit mining, quarrying, road construction and defense engineering of blasting drilling technology.

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